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Self care

Is never selfish

In fact it’s otherwise

It is self- management.

For self care makes it easier

For you are self disciplined

Self supportive,and self reliant

To make yourself self efficient

Self care is a much needed management lesson

For it is an effort in aspiration to thrive than just survive

Rooted in increasing self awareness

Of the need to build self resilience and self worth.

So know your life is gift

Your energy is unique to you.

As you go about your day

Care to listen to your body

Make time to heal and recover

Self care is an important life long practice

Value your health & care for balance

In mind, body & spirit.

It pays rich dividends.

Take time out for yourself

Find ways to nurture your now

You are better off starting early.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Self-management

  1. Poverty of Understanding Falling Now
    Inner Soul New Yes Self Dear Savvy

    A Greatest PovertY iNDeeD

    However in CuLTuRES

    That Spoon Feed

    What Are Who We

    Are to Be And Do From

    Almost Birth From the Outside
    In Where is A Place For Introspection

    When Data Download Comes Almost
    From the Beginning Tethered to Desks

    And Even Screams of Screens Now With

    No WHeRE ALLoWinG to Move Hands And

    Feet Falling




    Oh Where oh
    Where is the Place
    To Evolve For Within

    Until We Use the Off Button
    Out There More to Open Up

    The Within Part to Allow Our

    Souls to Balloon And Float

    Again One in Being With

    Gravity From Head to Toe

    And God Yes So Much More

    Weight of Finger Tips and Less Dear Savvy

    As Peace Brings Love Within All to Give Away
    Free Balancing So Deep Within With SMiLes FoR ReaL..:)


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