Savvy Raj

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Dance of Connection


Universal Oneness is an awareness
In reflections of the truth of the being
Interweaved and interconnected in every life .
Strength shines through the vulnerabilities.
As a power in the very fragility
Touched by divine grace
Enmeshed in the senses
Fired in the cauldron of life and living
Comes a consciousness of the flow
In and around us
Beyond the illusion of separation.
Is the dance of connection.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “Dance of Connection

  1. the hand
    of such a one
    lightens the load
    for all she meats

    Truth as a sense
    Grows before you
    As we dance
    In awareness

    sharing of
    our small seeds
    in hopes they grow
    on the path we set

    Thoughts that merge
    Are thoughts that live
    Last a little longer
    Go a little deeper


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  2. Today, we see deep within
    so thankful for the words

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  3. How to Put Forever Now
    All Moving Connecting

    Co-Creating in Flow

    Indeed Dear Savvy

    A ‘Dance of Connection’
    With No Separation The Oneness

    Of All That is At Our Call And Beckon

    in Reflections

    Of All We aRe
    All That is Breathes
    Us This Way Never
    Alone Always Allone..:)

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  4. there are some
    which provide moments
    with those who provide laughter
    yet, oneness is elusive

    Yet, the presence… Is
    To know
    To feel
    To love

    In all
    Life wanes
    Carry yesterday
    In-to tomorrow

    Only fight
    For what is
    For what shall be
    draw out weapons

    Cast yourself down
    Worship unafraid
    In a world of doubt
    In a world of fear

    Let there be honor.


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