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When work becomes effortless…


When you experience  the sense of meaning  in the moments.
Whatever is the work you do
Whichever  is your walk of life
When you sense you are contributing to work.
When you sense a balance,
Between  the challenges and the skills you have to meet it.
When inspite of the challenges  you feel you have it in you perform at your best.
When you feel you have the focus and ability to connect with  the work you do
You feel one with the flow…

You begin to enjoy the life in the moments!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “When work becomes effortless…

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  2. Wonderful! I would like to embody this.


  3. SMiLes Dear Savvy
    Being in the Flow Almost
    Always is A Bit ‘Supernatural’


    What Is Colored

    More With
    Disorder Deficits
    And Other Related
    Challenges of Life in
    More ‘Black and White Ways’

    Like A Reaction to A 4th
    Covid-19 Shot in Second

    Booster Way Let off Without
    Any Negative Reactions the
    Last Two Yet This Was Just my

    Turn to Feel So Very Human
    Again Struggling A Bit to Put

    Wings Back On Yet Likely Needed
    Rest as i can’t Remember the Last Day

    i Didn’t Do An ‘Olympic Sprint’ in Ease As Such


    Fingers Still
    Dancing So Far
    Slowing For A Rest of Night…

    As Darkness Reminds Us Even
    More For Gratitude For Coming LiGHT AGAiN…

    And Even If i Take my Last Breath i Will SMiLe
    Knowing Feeling Sensing i Really LiVE This Life


    In Both
    DarK NoW
    And LiGHT
    Of Loving All
    Of Existence New Now
    Struggling Through Ease
    of Coming Potentials and
    Even More Complexities Now Again..:)


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