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Live Life Lovingly!

Life is a game

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A major chunk of our life is spent at work

Work towards it through education

Working on the job or creating it

Work is best done when work is play

Life challenges every one of us

Yet in adaptability and flexibility

Work becomes less of burden

And more bearable.

Work is important

Worship it respect it.

Yet understand working on your career

Is one part of it

There are other parts of life

To juggle with

They matter just as much

If not more

It is in you to create priorities

The way you choose to live

Is a reflection of yourself

Enjoy what you do

In every now

Be present with all of you

After all life is a game.




Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Life is a game

  1. “Soul, Health, Family, FRiEnDS;” So Important

    Dear Savvy In That Order For Balance

    in “Living Life Lovingly”

    Yet A The Fifth Element

    of “Work” Is Often

    Put First

    In Exclusion

    of the Others in
    Importance And

    True Not Unlike “Rubber

    Balls That Will Bounce

    Back As Work And Another Job”

    Will Do This Yet Yes, Soul, Health, Family

    And FRiEnDS Are Precious “Glass Balls”

    That May Otherwise “Fall And Break”

    On A Christmas

    Tree That


    Rise All Days
    Now of the
    Year First in New Lit-Up ‘Diwali
    Colors’ mY FRiEnD For Real Always Now

    Not Too Surprising That An
    Engineer/Google CEO/

    Human Gets This

    Reality of Life

    too As

    TRuE A More
    Faith For All “Living Life
    Lovingly ” Now Brings This
    Essence This Present Gift For “All Too Well”..:)


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