Savvy Raj

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On Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm is the energy in the living

A beautiful state of flow in the being

Enthusiasm is often the reason for excellence

The challenge is in sustaining itself

From losing steam midway…

Perhaps due to lack of appreciation

Or motivation to be enthused

Making way for mediocrity

At work or at play.

Question is then how to be enthused

Into doing the same tasks differently

And break free from rut of routine

Very simple…

Stay hopeful, see life as a potential

Create the possibilities

It’s all in the way of envisioning

How you want to build your truths.

It’s all up to you!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “On Enthusiasm

  1. Birds Sing

    Bees Buzz

    Crickets Chirp

    Love Songs to the

    Moon New or Full

    Makes No Difference

    Dance And Sing ON They

    Do Beyond All Distance

    Space Time and



    Now They
    Live No
    Possible Indeed
    Where Existence is

    Experience And ReCognition
    Of All that is Beyond Human
    Cognition Now Yes The Experience
    All the Feelings Senses Beyond Words

    Meanwhile The Sun Shines Day And Night

    And Moon Still Exists in Days We No Longer See it Either True…:)


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