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Why Write?


Treat your thoughts tenderly

Like petals of life’s myriad beauties

Watch your unique thoughts appear

Out of nowhere and everywhere

And when they do

Why don’t u take some time out

To nourish your self

Jot them down as they come

Rushing through or slow

It matters not what you write

As long as it makes your soul free.


Writing is an expressive experience. The one that has many benefits in itself. From the psychological point of view where it makes you think and communicate better to the emotional aspects of bettering your ability to deal with your own emotions. It helps you work with your pain and process the thoughts in a rethink. It helps you stay motivated as you can record your progression as well. It helps sort out your own thoughts.

A significant aspect worth considering is when you focus on the positive and write with an attitude of gratitude for life itself there are much more health benefits than writing with grudges.

Most importantly as you write you are able to let go of worries and stresses that you may accumulate in the course of time through the physical act of writing.

Personally speaking, having studied a bit of Graphology, I have always felt that the very act of writing your thoughts on paper is healing through the movement itself An act fast disappearing in today’s changing times. Children today write much lesser physically with a pen on paper.

The truth is writing is a greater healer in itself.

And to share your writing is to learn some more.

Every writer has many or no reasons about what, when and why they write …what is yours?
Care to share?


Keep writing! keep sharing!

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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

14 thoughts on “Why Write?

  1. I love writing, and it has been a great healer in my life. I remember when I was in high school, and I had a young and nice looking lady teacher that all of us in the class liked. She was really creative and always giving us the most interesting free form assignments. I remember when she was handing out papers on a short story we all wrote, as she handed me my paper, she bent over and whispered in my ear, “You are going to be a great writer.” I was beaming all day long, and that carried me throughout my life. One day some years later, I ran into an old classmate, and we were talking about how nice the teacher was. I told my friend what the teacher told me, and she said, “I know. She told me too, and each of our other classmates.” I never forgot that. What a difference it made for all of us to be validated in that way

    Each of us believed that we were very special and you know, that year I made my very first business card and put “Writer” and “Editor” on it. And I did end up doing professional writing and editing as one of my many careers over the years. I actually became the editor of a funky hippy magazine, Freedom Today, and then several community newspapers and other publications. And today I am a published writer of a cookbook called Pumpkin, Pumpkin: Lore, History, Nutrition, Planting Care, and Good Eating and the editor for Artful Alchemy: Physically Challenged Fiber Artists Creating. I have a couple of children’s books just awaiting a special illustrator, editing and formatting, and a women’s history book related to the cottage industry of kit quilts. That one needs to be rewritten, and it will happen. I will never run out of things to do in this lifetime.

    I also do quotes, and so far the ones I have done have been illustrated by different people. I am not sure I can attach them here, so I won’t try now, but that has been something I have enjoyed, and I love to write poetry, but have not done that for awhile.

    Thank you for this great post, Savvy. Peace and many blessings, Anne

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    • First of all dear Anne, I enjoyed reading this so much. The beauty is the heart of that person who says an appreciative word . For that one good word can change someone’s world for the better. Kudos to your teacher for being that beautiful person.
      I experience the bliss of a writer as I read your comment here. I relate easily to this aspect of healing through expression. Whether it is art of a pen dancing on paper or the brush gliding through with colours or the feet tracing patterns on the earth. The joy of movement is the uniting factor.
      To reach out to others from your own self and share is at times not easy as well although fulfilling. It takes much of your being , your time your resources and more . But to not write or share or suppress these expressions would be a crime indeed.
      So wonderful and inspiring to read your amazing journey in all its creative manifestations. It is truly beautiful to be able to share your gifts with the world . You have done so much. Some day I too harbour a hope of publishing my works into a book so as to see it all together in a physical form as well.God willing and me intending, am sure it will happen gradually in time.
      I too share your love for quotes and would be delighted to read what you share and write. Do you have a WordPress site? It would be much easier to reach out. And yes,
      I deeply resonate with that very positive line of yours…
      ‘Will never run out things to do in this lifetime ‘… simply love it for itself!

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      • Hi Savvy, Thank you so much for your beautiful words once again. I think our challenges in life are gifts for us, because without them, we would never need to stretch our minds and souls and go beyond the everyday. And also, we would never learn compassion if we did not go through challenges ourselves, and we could not learn how to help others or what to tell them in their times of great challenges. When I think of challenges, I always think of what a great gift they are, even though they might mean a lot of tears and much pain within the heart and spirit. Everything in the world is of a dual nature, and so where we are capable of feeling great love, we must also feel great pain. We cannot appreciate wellness without some illness, and we cannot appreciate the good without the evil. These are things that have been here forever, and they are here because we cannot take anything for granted in our world or our universe. If we are not reminded regularly, we will lose respect for the earth and our universe as they are.

        Yes, I am on, but have not tried to make a blog yet. I had my blogspot blog, but it does not do all the things that blogspot used to be able to do with formats, etc., so i want to create another, and have heard the best for, and I just have had to many things I must take care of now that it is waiting. But the day will come when I have the right things to put up on it. I don’t want to continue on the path I was on with I intend to make a much more inspirational site when I do create one. Life will never want of things to do.

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        • Duality is the nature of life and living
          A reminder for us to never take anything for granted. And a lesson in the wisdom of moderation as well.
          As for WordPress yes it certainly is a nice platform. I too went through the experience of shifting from Blogger and have certainly found greater engagement here mutually. A work in progress though for WordPress can be quite confounding initially!.
          Wishing you the best for your new site here . Looking forward to seeing your site here in time.

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  2. … and write to reflect

    Thank you very much dear Savvy for these beautiful simple words 🙂
    All good wishes, my friend

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  3. Good morning my sweet Savvy!!

    It’s different to express your self keeping a diary and different to present your self as a writer or a poet…

    Some people like you can do it they have talent to express their feelings … their widsom… their knowledge…

    Some are creators … and some are presenters of the creations of gifted persons….

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    • Great morning to you too my dear Efi

      Most important aspect of writing is expression. It is pure fascination as to how creative humans can be. It is gift available to us all just that the way we use it can be unique to each of us .How we choose to assimilate information and amalgamate it in our own special way is beautiful. Like you mention some write and some share writings but the truth is art is in how we share it . In the aesthetics, in the presentation, in its appeal and in its purpose and applications as much as in the creation itself. Thank you for all your beautiful shares 💕💙💕💙💕

      I find a lot of so called artists of great calibre unable to express beyond the platform of a performance. Or that they may limit themselves in their art.While that may be ok for themselves it can be sad for art itself as in the application of art and it’s awareness a new dimensions of interpretation emerges which can propel the scope for greater understanding. And it happens in these sharing .For in every sharing new seeds of thoughts emerge in the minds of a reader propelling greater creativity

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  4. Well written, thanks for sharing… 🙂

    “I do not do, say or write something to be proud of myself, I just do, say or write something because it needed to be done, said or written…” Larry “Dutch” Woller 5-6-2008

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