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It’s about…

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A share of profound thoughts from my mother

Life lessons

It is not about what we are having or doing.
It is about how we are feeling.
It is about how we make others feel.

It is not about where or how we are staying
It is about with whom we are staying.

It is not about where and what we have studied.
It is about what we are speaking.
It is about the tone of our talking.

It is not about the form or attire we are wearing.
It is about the approach n attitude we are having.

We live not with the luxuries of life
But with the state of our mind , our constant companion.

One word, or one stare has the power to change the whole state of mind, irrespective of the surrounding.
Being aware n having the right attitude in this ever changing life and making them Positive ones is within one’s reach.

All it needs is the effort to make even the harsh moments to consoling & soothing moments with the right words n approach.

Yes. It needs a lot of training n conditioning to change the mind set, to walk the right path.
Yet it is worth trying as it brings peace n happiness to self & others.

Ultimately it is what we all are seeking. Right?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “It’s about…

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy According to my CuLTuRE i Am Such a ‘Lazy Man’

    No Desire to Make Another Penny As i Understand The Secret of Life

    How it Got Secret i’m Really Not Sure Other Than Becoming More

    Machine Than Human

    Oh Dear Your Mother

    Is So Very Correct

    It’s All About Human

    HeART Beats STill RiSinG

    No Longer Falling And The Truth

    is THere Are Unlimiting Ways To Lift

    Other Humans Up Every Day i Seek and

    Find Frowns Where Ever i Go Cracking


    into Smiles

    As Gentle

    of Course
    As i Can
    And Will

    With SMiLes

    Dancing Singing Free

    And Yes For Every Face
    i Crack As i Will Hang With
    it Years to Make it Happen

    i Just Become A Little Bit Lighter on my Feet…

    Perhaps One Day i Will Float Away Yet Until

    Now i Shall String Others Along the Kite of my Wings..:)


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