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Dancing Soul


There is something endearing about dancing with a partner, it’s the power to attract another magnetically and charmingly interact with another’s energy  and spirit through dance movement.

A prerequisite to dancing well is one’s ability to take an emotional journey and open oneself and to share and connect to another’s energies .This is what engages the audience and keeps them enthralled. It’s beyond the physicality of steps, patterns, touch, or even the right dance hold or dance frame. It’s in the ability to dance with space, time, yet in complete awareness of one another’s heart of movement.

 I had an opportunity to experience  this just the other day when I witnessed all of this and more in Rohini  (my mother’s friend actually)  a family friend of many years .

I have known her to be a simple religious and a happy go lucky person who also may have been through much personal turmoil like so many others but yet has managed a cheerful disposition every time I met her.

Her characteristic sunny nature would never give away the strife behind the smile. The occasion was her 25 th wedding anniversary  that I got invited to , and as we reached the venue  the couple were at the dais, very understated , a picture of simplicity & composure.

The evening took off, with all their close friends having some wonderful and touching things to say about them both.

There was a small dance floor which soon got filled up with people who were initially hesitant As the music filled the air   many more of us started getting into the groove and dancing. And then I saw her, it was her in her element, dancing from her heart and soul. It was fantastic to see her energetic dancing in full display for the all to see , Her ever calm and composed husband  seemed mesmerized by all the fun moves she did .

In fact everyone was charmed by her passion and for that moment I realized just then that her joyful dancing soul had peeped out from the depths of it all. 

 Kudos to her for keeping the spirit of dancing alive in her through all these years .God bless!

 Dancing from the heart always counts more than perfection of steps. And that’s the ultimate challenge… To keep the mind open, ready, receptive, giving and simple enough, to dare to step out of comfort zones.

My salute to this dancing soul !

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Dancing Soul

  1. Beautiful Real Life Story
    Of Keeping SPiRiT of Dance
    Alive For Your Family FRiEnD

    Dear Savvy

    Oh to Dance
    And Sing Freely

    Not A Gift Everyone
    Experiences in Life i Surely
    Lost That Spark For 23 Years
    Since i Married in 1990 And Work Responsibilities

    Then Piled On In Those Decades And Years Then
    Extending into
    my Dead Zone Days of 66 Months True Yet Yes it’s

    Never Too Late my Father’s Twin Brother my Uncle
    Danced At 84 Years Old With the Elder Ladies Freely

    At A Dance Hall Where His Wife of Close to the Same
    Age Played

    in A Band

    Hehe i Figure that
    Means i’ve Got At Least
    Another 22 Years Left to
    Dance And Sing Free

    Perhaps Even Longer
    As Long As My Soul
    Still Breathes

    Free THiS
    Way No Longer
    Now Just Howling
    At the Moon So Lost…

    And Public Dancing 17,303
    Miles Now For 109 Months Only
    About 8 Thousand More Miles
    to Reach The Distance Around
    Our Globe at the Equator At This

    Pace At Age 66 And Who Knows
    Who Feels Who Senses

    With A SonG oF mY
    SouL Soon Reaching
    11 MiLLioN Words on
    October 18, 2022 Still
    A Hundred Thousand Words
    A Month in EPiC Long Form Poetry Free

    As A Dance of Fingers Will BRinG Yet Yes

    True The Count Means Nothing Eternal

    Now Is A Long As Forever Will Last

    And As Deep As A Free Dance

    And Song Will BRinG

    WiTHiN to Give Share
    Care Heal For All With Least Harm..:)

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