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On walking


I am very fond of walking, I even have a virtual group of walkers that I walk with for motivation everyday. We contribute our steps to a charitable cause. But more on that some other time. Suffice to say walking is one of my favorite activity, for it is truly destressing.

Sharing this information that came my way on social media this morning…


Both the legs together have 50% of the nerves of the human body, 50% of the blood vessels and 50% of the blood is flowing through them.

▪️ It is the largest circulatory network that connects the body.
So Walk daily.

▪️Only when the feet are healthy then the convention current of blood flows , smoothly, so people who have strong leg muscles will definitely have a strong heart. Walk.

▪️Aging starts from the feet upwards

▪️As a person gets older, the accuracy & speed of transmission of instructions between the brain and the legs decreases, unlike when a person is young.
Please Walk

▪️In addition, the so-called Bone Fertilizer Calcium will sooner or later be lost with the passage of time, making the elderly more prone to bone fractures. WALK.

▪️Bone fractures in the elderly can easily trigger a series of complications, especially fatal diseases such as brain thrombosis.

Walk daily without fail

▪️ Exercising the legs, is never too late, even after the age of 60 years.

▪️Although our feet/legs will gradually age with time, exercising our feet/ legs is a life-long task.
Walk 10,000 steps

▪️Only by regular strengthening the legs, one can prevent or reduce further aging. Walk 365 days

▪️ Please walk for at least 30-40 minutes daily to ensure that your legs receive sufficient exercise and to ensure that your leg muscles remain healthy.

We care. We share


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “On walking

  1. Very interesting! Great info. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy Wonderful Advice on All The
    Benefits of Health And Well Being of Walking

    10,000 Steps A Day Not Waiting Necessarily
    To Have to Go to the Doctor For A Tune-Up
    Other-Wise Yet For SoUL Benefits YeS How

    Beautiful It Is New Perhaps Even More to WalK iN
    Shoes of Others Now Yet How Might We Borrow

    Someone Else’s Soul Yes to Do This mY FRiEnD

    Voila We aRe Doing it Now And True For All 10.9
    MiLLioN Words i’ve Written Mostly in Free Verse Poetic
    Responses Now Around the World in 109 Months to Hundreds
    Upon Hundreds of Human Poetry And Other Prose of Free Verse
    Soul in Arts and Sciences Truly A Best Way to Walk in the Shoes of

    Others May Be to Become
    As Close As One May
    Come Responding

    Freely FuSinG
    With Words of
    Song That Free
    Poetry Brings With
    SMiLes True Dance Sing Free a
    Lifetime of Soul in ‘THeiR’ Free Poetry…:)

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