Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Evolving with the changes.


The way we feel has much to do with the way we think
The way we think has much to do with the way we behave
The way we behave has much to do with our notions assumptions and perceptions.
And the way we are perceived  has much to do with the way we carry ourselves.
Our personality & attitude is our projection of our personas
Our nature is interweaved with the emotional state of being .
In acknowledging this…
Our life’s journey evolves in awareness.

What we say to ourselves
Is immensely impactful!
Lets understand the power
Within each of us.
Let’s review our internal dialogues…

When you are about to say
‘ Let me give up’
Change it to
Let me try again

When you think
I am not enough
Can you say
I am capable as I am.

When you fear failure
Can you learn from failure
And emerge stronger from the experience

Life truly has many  possibilities
For those who care to see
And acknowledge life’s lessons.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Evolving with the changes.

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Deep Deep
    Deep Deeper Within Subconscious
    Minds the More than 95 Percent That

    Is So Far Beyond Planned Word Think

    A Kind of Intelligence That Connects
    Beyond Time Distance And Space And

    Even Matter A Kind of Intelligence

    That Is Truly Beyond Rationality

    Yet In Essence Order

    Of Chaos When

    Art Becomes Truly
    Magic Arising Spontaneously
    As Every Breath ThiS Way Becomes
    A Brand New Reality of Creativity True

    SMiLes i Intuit This Higher Force of Human
    Energy Most Often When i Am in A Highest
    State of Autotelic Ascending Transcending Flow

    Whether that Comes From Free Dance or Free Song
    Or Any Other Activity That Ascends and Transcends this

    Way Beyond All
    So-Called Reality
    That May Be Measured
    Linearly And Empirically
    So As Only Matter Within
    A Realm of Time, Distance, And Space…

    It’s Truly Difficult to Put This Experience in
    Words While it Happens Even in Free Verse Poetry
    Hehe That’s Why i Avoid too Much Thinking and Let

    The Real
    On itS own
    As Streams Become
    Rivers Become Bays Become
    Gulfs And Oceans All Around Our Globe


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  2. To change any pattern
    You must first decide
    .. will I follow through
    .. will I stop i the middle
    There are no half measures
    To your destiny
    Unless your destiny is undefined

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  3. Thank you for your thoughts.


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