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People Matter


Recently I came across a very relevant set of words share.

100% of your employees are people

100% of your customers are people

100% of your investors are people

If you don’t understand people you don’t understand buisness.

Never a more simply conveyed truth on the value of being people centric in buisness.

And it all starts from paying attention and listening from the human perspective.

Their desires needs their pain points the problems they want solutions for and hence its important for a business to pay attention to building a meaningful and memorable humane relationship with all these segments of ‘ people’ to create a pathway to make a positive difference

Companies may have many people centric policies rolled out, they may proclaim they are people centric and may be they have invested much to make their office spaces comfortable for instance but without building a relationship of trust and transparency it is still a far shot towards their highest potential.

To garner the support from people, it is important to think from and include the peoples perspective..

The voice of the people, employees customers investors all give great insights on path of continous improvements & the new possibilities of development.

What do you think?

Do you feel valued at the workplace?

Do you have any experiences to share on this?


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “People Matter

  1. Hehe, Dear Savvy in 33 Years
    of Work i Was Referred to
    As A Valuable Problem
    Solving Commodity

    Somehow Then
    After i Re-Tired
    i Graduated to
    Human Such
    A Lovely Day
    Now With Wings..:)

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