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Vibrance in Resonance

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Cymatics is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena.A form of sound therapy that is not applied through hearing, but by instruments that send audible sound waves directly into the body through the skin.

The term was coined by Hans Jenny, a Swiss follower of the philosophical school known as anthroposophy. Jenny published a book about the structure, dynamics, and effects of sound vibrations in 1967. Present-day cymatic therapy was largely developed by Sir Peter Guy Manners, an English medical doctor and osteopath, starting in the 1960s.Wikipedia

Here is a little more information on this positively inspiring vibrations in resonance

Healing power of Sound

When the patterns created by sounds

Imprints on the cells of our being

Intricately interweaving in our hearts

Music becomes applied medicine.

Science proves the possibilities

Of application of sound as therapy

In the right frequency & amplitude

In the cell repair and renewal

In our organs and tissues.

In non invasive and natural ways

There are cleansing and relaxing benefits.

Through our own voices or sounds of nature

Such is the healing power in the sound .


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Vibrance in Resonance

  1. Smiles Dear Savvy
    Interesting Indeed
    The Power of Vibrations
    Frequencies of Sound Energy

    Resonating From Head to Toe in
    Every Cell Even When We Write Free Verse

    Poetry Music From Deep Within May Accompany

    Words Freely FLoWinG

    And Healing This Way

    in Focus So Far
    Away From
    Fear and
    Stress Yes

    Anxiety Real

    That Leads to
    So Much Discomfort
    in Tension Even Leading
    to Substantial DiSEaSE my FRiEnD

    i Use Humming to Focus For Strength in
    Peaceful Training This Way to Increase Focus
    And Now if i Really Wanna Recruit More Muscle
    Fibers i Literally Make the Sounds of A ‘Gorilla’
    Somewhat Roaring As That Surely Lights up

    The Human
    Flight or

    For A Temporary
    Boost of More Muscle
    Fibers As Well Not always
    Welcome at Civilian Gyms
    Yet of Course i Work out at Gym
    For Military Warriors on a Navy Base

    Where It Is More Understood that the
    Nature of the Beast Within is Handy to

    Release too

    For Constructive
    Means of Course With SMiLes
    As i Am Surely Not Going into

    Flesh and
    Blood Battle…

    Yet the Other Gentlemen
    May Not Always Have that Privilege..:)


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