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Live Life Lovingly!

And Life thrives


On teaching and learning

The teacher who says he is a master
Is no master at all.

A teacher is the one who teaches
What he has learned in life…
To teach is to learn some more!

To teach is to simply impart the learning in the sharing there is learning to imbibe.

Life is after all a great teacher
As it is the nature of life that masters it all.
All are but students in the way of life.

No one is perfect
No one knows it all
No one has mastered it all
Wisdom flows from living life
Everyone is a teacher in a way
Every one is a student in a way.

Let’s all remember
To own up to ourselves
The way we are
Flawed or not
Scarred or not
But thankful as we are.
Gradually we are strengthened in gratitude.
Acknowledging the preciousness of life.
And Life thrives…


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “And Life thrives

  1. Thank you very much, dear Savvy 🙂

    There are also competent Masters or Teachers existing who were sent by the God-power to revive the old wisdom and teaching to man, even in different religions and at different times. It is totally right that a real Master never would claim he is the Master, but instead they give all their thankfulness, the credit to their master – then furthermore, a real Master lives on his own money, is not dependent on donations or other money – and he never creates a village within a village, means he does not support separation but Oneness. Last but not least – and this may be the most important criteria of a true Master, Teacher: they are able to give a first-hand experience to their disciples, to open the third eye or shiv netra, divya chakshu, tisra til, Brahmrendra, triambka, trilochana nukta-i-sweda, koh-i-toor, single eye, figuratively called the still point, the mount of transfiguration, etc. so that the disciple may enter the inner worlds and see the Light and hear the Sound with the inner Eye and inner Ears. These are the two aspects in which God expressed Himself and in many religions, if not even in all, light and sound are symbols of the Divinity: In the church, we have the candle and the bell, in other religions the light plays also an important role and have the gong or other kinds of Sounds – about this light, Jesus Christ says: Matthew 6:22 “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. Kabir says: “The light of the sun the moon and the stars shines bright. The melody of love swells forth…” Rumi says: “If you wish for light, be ready to receive light….” – Rumi: “I’ve looked below and above. Then one day I looked inside myself, and this is what I found, A golden sun residing there, beaming forth God’s light and sound.”
    Sant Kirpal Singh Ji speaks about the inner Sound: “The music of the spheres…” So light and sound is the essence of all religions as light and sound are the radiating love sent by God through the whole creation – All competent Masters, therefore, advise us to get to know ourselves, “Man know thyself…”

    Thank you so much, dear Savvy for your valuable words and thoughts 🙂
    All the best, my friend 🙂

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    • So many wise souls. So much wisdom to imbibe .A Guru is a blessing few people have.
      I loved the quotes you shared here… as to begin to know the self is the path towards transcendence. 🙏

      As learnings begin to happen, it is always a work in progress for I believe learning is never ending and a continuous path of life and living.

      Yet it is beautiful to pause & be grateful for the understandings that comes our way. Thus through the trials & tribulations of being a student & a teacher, life abounds in deep gratitude.🙏

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  2. Thank you for sharing!!.. “The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” Kahlil Gibran

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