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Why I write 


I write when I am charged with an idea, an inspiration. Or perhaps when there is nothing else to do.

I write to balance my emotions whenever it needs equilibrium.
I write to flow with the moment with a thought that aligns as it calls on and emerges into a pattern in prose or verse.
I write to understand better when thoughts overpower…overstimulate the mind.
I write to let go of all that comes to my mind which I feel and hope can make a positive difference somewhere to someone reading me.
I write at times in deliberation too, to process and synthesize new understandings.
I write to unshackle from the many convictions I may unknowingly hold. As I write they break loose from restrictive spaces and help to align my thoughts in the sifting.
I write to express the bounties of life that I’m blessed to enjoy in gratitude.
I write to sense the bliss of being with all of me in the moment.

I write to radiate the positive intentions in hope & gratitude.

Simply put…
I write to express myself my way.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

29 thoughts on “Why I write 

  1. All beautiful reasons! I originally started blogging as an online journal about three years ago. I found a community who supported me in that time. But, I soon found out that the original reasons for writing were too negative, so gradually I began experimenting! Poetry began to emerge as well as flash fiction! There are days I don’t know if I like writing or reading other blogs more! Today, the answer is easy. Loved reading this!


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  2. Same pinch, Savvy 🙂

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  3. The inner urge to express the flowing thoughts,
    The seed being a word , action, sight ,emotion or
    A fleeting thought emerged on its own.
    Who needs a reason to write?
    Who knows which shell will carry
    The pearl of wisdom to benefit many?
    Keep writing, whatever may be the reason ;
    For knowledge n creativity are not one’s own
    Keep sharing, somewhere , someone may find the reason..

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  4. I wish you can able to write more

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  5. Words of wisdom, Savvy and yes one likes to write when we are enthused about a subject and pen to paper is ideal way of writing. Nice post.

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  6. Beautiful! We are kindred spirits.

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  7. These are wonderful reasons to write, Savvy! ❤️

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  8. Blessed soul 🙏 you are.keep radiating the positive intentions. The best thing about your writing is, it makes me feel light as feather. Straight from the heart so it is always beautiful.

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    • Your words … ‘makes me feel light as a feather.’ makes me smile from the heart. For then this post has found its
      ‘raison d’être’. Thank you for your sweet and generous words to me. Lots of love💙🙏💙


  9. To write is to live! Our words will be remembered somewhere, somehow, in the far future, when our bodies turn to ashes…

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  10. Wonderful reasons to write here Savvy..
    You are always inspiring..

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