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Be in this Now

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Past is gone

Future is yet to arrive

One gone in time

Another in a distance

What is now

Is the reality to sense.

Let everything else just be

Live this now!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Be in this Now

  1. Hehe SMiLes Dear Savvy When i Am 12 Life is So Stressful And Lonely

    Hehe SMiles Dear Savvy When i Am 25 Life is Better Yet i Am Worried

    i Am A Quarter of a Century Old And i Am Getting Very Old hehe

    Hmm… When i Am 42 i Am Just too Stressed to Worry About it

    Just Surviving Every Moment That’s All

    Oh Goodness When i Am 47 it Feels

    Like Hell Forever Will i Ever Escape

    Hmm… When i Am 16 Walking Beaches

    In Loving Peace i Watch My Father Snoozing

    Watching Cars Race around and around and around

    A Track Thinking On No i Never Wanna Be 44 Years-Old

    Now i Truly Understand the

    Value of Making This the

    One and Only Best Now

    Evolving of All And Truly

    Most Every Moment Feels This

    Way As Long as i Am Still Evolving

    AS Human Being in Someway Although

    i Never Expected it Still to Be in Every Way

    at 62 Years Old as Most Everyone i Knew At that

    Age Before Seemed Like They Were Always Looking

    To the Past For Some Glory Day Besides today mY FRiEnD

    This is the Best Moment

    of mY Life As i Create Every

    Move of Dance Holy Every Word
    of Song Sacred Flavored With Love

    And Peace For Everyone i Greet in Life

    Finding the Truth Of Reality Is

    Peace and Love Now New to

    Be i am Is Beyond All Distance

    Space And Time And A ‘Matter

    With Things’ A SPiRiT FRiEnDS

    With GRaViTY of HeART and SoUL

    Neither Falls or Rises LiveS ETernally

    Now Free Just to be i Am

    Love Free

    It iS A VEry Good Year

    A Very Good Day A Very

    God Present This Gift of New Now Best..:)


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