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A strange life

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State of times we live in

We are connected to people across the world

But have no time to see what is going on above the screen

Our vision is narrowed although we boast of thousands of connections

Our immediate family and friends are all online

Our children are too busy with their smartphones…

Yes there is a screen in front of us , and we are getting oblivious

To what’s beyond it!

Life is truly stranger every day to us.

And we are becoming strangers to life!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “A strange life

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy
    Even in Pop Culture

    Modernly Prophecies
    Warning Human Not

    To Become More The
    Tools We Use Than


    True Choice Human
    Or Machine as Free Art
    iN ‘The Terminator, Matrix,
    And Avatar Movies’ Yes Bring
    to the ‘Big Screen’ Will Those of

    Us With the Perspective of Before
    The Human Machine Age Be Able

    To Bring Machine Humans Back to

    Life Reflecting an Age Where NDD Nature
    Deficit Disorder Both Human And the Rest of Nature

    Is Not So Deficient

    In All that Makes
    A Human HeART
    Beat With SPiRiT
    RiSinG SoULS Moving
    Connecting Co-Creating ToGeTHeR Freely

    Dancing And Singing ThiS WaY True Ironically

    At Least there is A World Hive to Give it A Shot

    As i Surely Can’t Afford to Literally Travel All Over

    The World Hehe True Fitting my 245 American Pounds

    Through These Fiber Optic Cables in A Place With No

    Sun or Moon or Stars or Even Distance, Space, Time

    And A ‘Matter With Things’ At Speed And Essence of Peace
    iN LoVE At Best Newly NoW As i Get to Upload mY SPiRiT
    HeART And SoUL As IT Continues to BREaTHE AVaTaR LiFE

    While i Sleep

    And Even When

    i Pass Away Yes i Suppose

    A Benefit of Online is Beethoven

    Practically Lives Forevernow on YouTube

    Where We May Listen to the MuSiC of HiS SoUL

    And So Many Others As A Breath of Art continues ThiS WaY

    With No Need to Put Human Initials on Pyramids or Golden
    Edifice Towers

    to Take Up
    Space From
    Nature Breathing

    And Additionally A
    Way to Survive into the
    Future With Potentially Much
    Deadlier Pandemics and the
    Such Still to Come With Every

    Cloud With Every Sunshine

    Shadow and LiGHT
    Plays A Role

    In Balancing

    What Comes to Be Next

    It’s Hard to Say What Deficit
    Next Will Save the Entire Human

    Species or Perhaps Diverting an Asteroid

    Hitting the Earth With Nuclear Bombs That

    Once Killed Human Beings Instead of Saving Nature As is

    Adventure It Is Dear FRiEnD Savvy DarK Thru LiGHT With SMiLes

    Hehe at Least i’m

    Not Killing A Forest

    Of Trees With 14 MiLLioN
    Words Without Missing A
    Day in the Last 12 Years Online

    Pros and Cons Always Potentially
    Visible DarK Thru LiGHT in Balance

    Once Invisible Before Yet Change

    Yes STiLL New Coming into View

    With SMiLes Key Master the Tool

    And Do Not Be Mastered By It

    Balance All That is FRiEnDS

    With Gravity Best We

    Can And Will

    Come What May With SMiLes..:)


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