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An Alphabetical Tribute


Sharing another from my mother’s writing today… it happens to be one of my favorite pieces from her.

Nataraja The Lord of Dance , represents the never ending cycle of evolution and dissolution.
The Master who has conquered the five elements , dancing to his tunes.
An Alphabetical tribute to the
The Divine Dancer condensing the essence of cosmic energy in his form n action.

Nataraja – The Cosmic Dancer

Absolute and ultimate dance of
‘Being in the Now’, where
Celestial Creation & Destruction
Dance hand in hand in
Energetic, enigmatic endless flow.
Formless blending into The Form.
Gift to Cosmos. Unfathomed
Happiness undermines the
In-depth, concealed caring of
Justice to prevail, in the
Knowing of the Unknown all.
Lasya ( dance of creation) and thandava (dance of destruction) both
Merging in and emerging from
Nataraja,The Cosmic Dancer.
Oneness personified in essence.
Purity and Power as its source.
Quietude emerging in the motion.
Rare culmination of creative
Subtlety of concealed infinity.
‘Thath thwam asi,’ , that’s the Truth.
Unknown, Unsaid and Unseen
Visions of Ultimate Reality.
Worlds far and beyond knowledge
Xceeds the human excellence.
Yearning _’To be with IT ‘ is all one can wish with the
Zeal of unwavering Faith



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “An Alphabetical Tribute

  1. “Nataraja The Lord of Dance”

    As Shiva Transforms iNTo a UNiVeRSaL
    Dancer Springing Dance And Song

    Out of Darkness Indeed

    Yes CERN Symbol in

    Science too Reflecting

    Even How Quantum Mechanics
    Physicists Dare to Explore New

    Frontiers of Exploring Life Now Yes New

    Lovely Musings By Your Mother True Too

    With SMiLes
    Dear Savvy

    Happy After
    Thanks Giving For Giving
    In Florida Breezes to You..:)


      • Pleasure
        Thank You
        Dear Savvy
        For Sharing
        Your Mother’s
        Wise Words in

        i Soulfully
        Relate To
        Every Word
        Your Mother
        Describes As
        The Experience
        Of “Natajara
        The Lord Of
        Dance For It
        Seems At Essence
        God Is FLoWeR Unfolding


        Of Dance
        We Continue
        To Dance Sing Free

        Thru LiGHT
        With SMiles
        Sunshine Stars
        Radiating Within

        Giving Sharing
        Carrying Healing

        For All With
        Most Respect

        And Least
        Harm In
        Sunshine Indeed ☺️🌞🙏🏝


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