Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


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Whenever and wherever there is hope, faith and love… miracles happen.
In living life’s every moment
As if it’s a miracle in itself
Either there is a miracle for you
Waiting to happen
Or you are the miracle for another
Waiting to unfold
Both are inspiration for one or the other
For out of difficulties
Miracles are born!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Miracles

  1. Marry The Night Dear
    Savvy Merry The Day
    As Shiva Might Dance
    And Sing With Kali ThiS Way

    When All Becomes Gratitude
    For DarK Thru LiGHT NiGHT iS Day

    And Moon Is Sun
    Reflecting Our Love

    For All That iS LiGHT
    That NiGHT BRinGS AS WeLL

    Fearing No Dark Cynical of No LiGHT
    DarK iS LiGHT All Becomes Hope Faith

    And Love For
    Believing Life
    Is All A Breath
    Of Miracles Now
    Forevermore Inhaling
    Peace Exhaling LoVE ETeRNaLLY
    NoW iN JoY oF LiGHT At Best Giving
    Sharing Caring Healing With Least Harm for All

    Leaves Becoming Roots of Trees LiFE LiGHTS FoRest Whole

    All Of
    Us Greening
    All SeASonS
    ThiS WaY With
    Newer Summer FLoWeRinG
    Colors WiTHiN YeaR ‘RounD NoW…:)


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