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Illusions in the Reflections

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Reflections in the stillness

On a patch of water

Reflections of sunlight

On a passing cloud

Reflecting colours

We humans have named…

The truth of clarity

Is the freedom in the uncertain

What seems to be, may not be

What is, may be not

What is apparent, may be invisible

What is assumption, may become a contradiction

Or simply delusions of our own imagination.

Or simply a clarity of illusions in the reflections.


Was watching the reflections of sunlight dancing on this patch of water on the window sill of my terrace one evening. I was mesmerized by the fleeting cloud it had captured and its amazing colours that held my fancy for a long while…

Savvy Raj

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Illusions in the Reflections

  1. So Long Ago Shortly After Words

    of Humans Come to Sanskrit

    Life To Collect In

    Writings Longer

    Than Human

    Breathe It is Clear

    That All of Existence

    Is Changing Chaos

    As We Attempt

    To Trap



    A Jar And

    Make A Prison

    of the Wind

    Yet the Wind Still
    Blows Freely Outside

    The Jar yet How Beautiful

    The Art of this Chaos is Ever

    Changing Never Stagnating As

    Only Way life Will Be Perfect Is

    If Stagnate Machine Never



    At All


    No Mistakes

    With No Change

    Just No Life With No Change
    of Breath to See Another Color
    of Love For Life New This Creation
    Now Dear Savvy We All Do Change

    Is Hope


    Is the Colors

    of Life We Always

    Color New Our Butterfly
    Wings Come Newly Attaching

    Forevermore to Dance And Sing Freely

    A New Way Eternally Now Coloring Existence New..:)

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