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Merry Christmas


It’s Christmas time again – feel the magic, feel the joy, feel the glow and see the beauty around you!

Spread some smiles and bring cheer to hearts!

Let there be abundance of happiness and smiles for one and all!
Merry Christmas!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas 🌲🌲

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  2. Merry Christmas to all!
    Merry Christmas Savvy Raj
    It is a beautiful night
    And it will be a joyous day

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  3. Savvy, I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!

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  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🙂

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  5. Santa ARiSinG
    Dancing Free
    Arriving All
    Days SMiLes
    Of ‘The Child’
    Love to Give🌲☺️


    Breathe Again🕊


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