Savvy Raj

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Help Earth Heal


Climate crisis
No longer subtle
The reality is stark
Glaring and in the face
No longer just an article in the paper
That you can turn the page over.
The repurcursions of indifference
And ignorance is felt the world over.

Raging tides of tsunami
Fury of volcanic eruptions
Massive magnitude of earthquakes
Melting glaciers and the undercurrents

Flooding & famines everywhere
Vast barren lands devoid of green
Earth is bleeding profusely
And bursting at its seams.

Pollution to overpopulation
Indiscriminate urbanisation
Depleting forestcovers
Extinction of rare species

Man is no longer human.
Apathy is the new name of humanity.
Where does the human think he can go?
There is no place other than this earth
Our home is invaded encroached & overloaded by us.

It is on a self balancing mode
As of now, to align itself.
The sooner we stop taking this world
For granted the better is our future.

Lets us please remember our every move
Makes a difference.
Lets aim to be responsible be respectful
Be aware and take care!

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

8 thoughts on “Help Earth Heal

  1. “Man is no longer human.” That’s true. Whatever topics of concern pop up, human depletion of nature continuous. That is very sad to know, we are in the danger of extinction along with nature!😕

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  2. Bless you, I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for sharing ❤

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    Happened to see your old blog by chance today. May be now is the breaking point of satuaration. A new dawn is waiting for us . Hope is here to stay. Blessings come to us unaware.

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    • Thank you for bringing up this today . Yes quite so, let hope the Earths healing process has dawned. And we begin to sense the light of deliverance on us all soon.❤
      Thank you for your interconnecting between the posts 🙏🏼One published today and one about two years ago😇


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