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On Nurturing :4  


After writing a series of posts on the topic of Nurturing I found a lot of ideas floating out on Parenting and thus I am drawn to deciphder and draw the parellels in the the two… 

 I tossed the topic out to my mother who is currently  visiting my brother and his family Besides the members of the family , it is home to two cats and a dog as pets. Life is certainly different there for her than with me here . My brother, a passionate animal lover is also an actively involved with Blue Cross of India. Rescue operations happen just about anytime and often at the middle of the night. And some hurt and disabled animals and birds eventually have known to have landed up at home as pets.

 Nurturing comes naturally to him especially so for those hapless animals and birds . I have personally seen the amount of care and concern  he and the volunteers at Blue Cross give without any expectation in return . Just a  week back there was an adoption drive for more than a 100 puppies and by the end of the day all the puppies found a home .The contentment  in those volunteers hearts must have been uncontained for sure.

In lieu with our topic nurturing  I took the liberty of envisioning and including  the perspectives of nurturing a pet as much as  parenting a child by my sharing of the backstory of my brothers home which is always more like a zoo or a sanctuary to me. Just kidding bro😊

I am going to share my mothers perspective  from such a backdrop…  on Parenting and Nurturing . 

Parenting and Nurturing.

Parenting and nurturing go hand in hand. Parenting needs more sternness while nurturing needs compassion and kindness.

Parent is a nature given blessed title and parenting is bliss and pain with growing responsibilities.

Whereas nurturing is the quality any one can develop on any living being. A plant well nurtured grows well. With kindness , compassion and love flowing from the heart one can nurture a plant to blossom into fruits, an animal in a healthy surrounding, helpless children and seniors to thrive in a dignified way .

Parenting is our duty towards our children . Nurturing them comes naturally. Parenting involves providing, caring, shaping their future with lot of disciplining. Parenting has a natural tendency to forgive their follies and wrong doings , will find an excuse for their wrong behavior and justify them.

Parenting cannot be done without nurturing whereas nurturing doesn’t need to be parenting. The reciprocation of parenting can be seen in the nurturing of parents by the children in their old age.

By nurturing one can increase other’s self worth, self value and increase their confidence level. It can bring joy to a miserable person . Nurturing is a divine quality any one can develop. It is the extension n expansion of parenting beyond self. It can best be  selfless

Nurturing can be done in many levels. Physical nurturing is one thing, emotional n psychological nurturing also help a long way in sculpting better human beings.

Sometimes mere words of encouragement n appreciation of their deeds become vocal nurturing to perform better. Weaning away the weeds is also a part of good nurturing.

Nurturing can be time and place limited without possessiveness. Let going becomes easier whereas the feeling of parenting crosses these lines as the bond is life long till death do them part.

The name and nature may vary. But without parenting and nurturing qualities the world will not survive. They help the future generation to grow into better persons. The legacy will continue by all sometime, somewhere. They are the two sides of the same divine coin. Good parenting makes better human beings, good nurturing creates a better society and a better world.

Both will make the world smile.

What you nurture is important especially in your own nature.             

Just remember in nurturing, what you choose to nurture, develops…

Choose wisely!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

11 thoughts on “On Nurturing :4  

  1. Beautifully said and such true words of nurturing. Nurturing is caring and that is the essence of being there for anyone. Great post, Savvy.

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  2. Yes, the world needs nurturing and care to continue to survive. I was thinking how I have never met a person who rescued animals, cared for a garden or volunteered for a cause that I have not liked. Those things are all good qualities to have. I have read about so many famous gardens in history in many countries. The people who lived in those times and places went to the gardens to gain wisdom and to make important decisions. It was a wonderful sense of life and rebirth and nourishment to be in a wonderful garden. I wrote a poem about a garden that you might like:

    “On the Other Side of the Garden Wall”
    When I felt I was lost, I was found,
    For I couldn’t know I was lost
    Unless I had a context of being where I was.
    When I felt I was unloved, I was loving myself,
    For I was acknowledging
    My human needs and feelings.
    When I felt afraid, I was the bravest of all,
    For it takes tremendous courage to face
    Scary thoughts and feelings square on.
    And when I thought I had no hope,
    I had tremendous hope,
    For things could never get better
    If I couldn’t see where I am now,
    And have a sense of needing to change.
    And so I realize
    I’ve been on the other side of the garden wall
    All along.

    Written by Anne Copeland, 1992

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    • Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful heart dear Anne I do love your poem👌 .The strength of your heart has flown along in these words.🙏Thank you for sharing this .

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      • Thank you kindly Savvy. Sometimes we think we are not so far along, but if we take time to look around. Hugs and blessings, Anne

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        • Yes sometimes in simply taking time and noticing the blessings in and around us makes all the difference. Thank you Anne . When you first liked my post on Environment Awareness shared by Alethea on Not Tomatoes you piqued my interest . I read about your story and your art as well as your volunteering initiatives for those with special needs .
          Very admirable indeed !To take a positive path in times of calamities is the sign of the strength of the soul. GOD BLESS YOU MY FRIEND.

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  3. Thank you too, Savvy. I love your beautiful spirit and the overall way you seem to see the world. Yes, there is a lot of mischief so to speak stirring in the world, but it has stirred over the many centuries, and always, the seemingly least important of people in the world are often the survivors. I like when I read that before the Gods decided to act like Gods, they too toiled the soil, raised the cattle, and did the lowliest of chores. So there is something of the Gods in each of us I think. We may not always recognize it because some people seem so totally evil, but there are also Gods of death and other traumatic things in this world, Gods to whom women and little babies and children and men were sacrificed. Everything has a dual nature, and perhaps a triple nature or more if we begin to look at alchemy or sacred geometry. Thank you again, and I love your positive posts. Keep on doing what you do so well.

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    • Your words mean a lot to me Anne . Thank you for your taking time to read my posts. Truly humbling to sense when what we write finds meaning in another’s heart.

      Speaking of Gods would like to think that we are made by God , of God with a God in each of us. Just that at times we fail to recognise and remember our own Godliness and hence the necessity to understand that duality within and around us is part of us as a nature of being only for us to realise the infinite potential of Universal Oneness. Beyond petty thoughts of gender, creed race and religion, resurfacing the abundance in the strength of expansive and inclusive circles of compassion and empathy for life and living. Thank you for your beautiful reflections as well.

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      • “In order to plan your future wisely, it is necessary that you understand and appreciate your past.” – Jo Coudert, “Advice from a Failure,” which is actually a very conscious and very positive book full of good quotes like this. And yes, you are absolutely so right! Beautiful writing!!!

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        • Thank you for your insightful shares Anne. Jo Coudert’s quote teaching us to appreciate ones past certainly makes sense as for all the questions we have and seek, all our answers are within. Wisdom is simply a realisation in awareness. 🙏

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