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For the love of dance!

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World Dance Research Congress India

A fond reminisce

A moment in time

A community of dancers

A representation of artists

Of myriad dance forms.

Of different nations

A communion of cultures

Beautiful memories ❤



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “For the love of dance!

  1. Third Row
    Third From
    The Right i Spotted

    You Immediately Dear

    Savvy In The World Dance
    Research Congress Held in India

    So Exciting Being With All those

    Innovative Dancers And Their

    Global Dance Research

    So Healing

    SMiLes to
    Wherever The
    Dance Plays Next
    Free At HoMe of SouL
    Regulating Emotions
    Integrating Senses

    Moving Connecting
    Co-Creating ToGeTHeR
    So Wonderful For ReaL…

    Hehe i’m Just A Solo Dance
    And Song Even ‘The Circus’ Wouldn’t
    Let me Join Yet It’s Okay When Dance

    Wings Sing Free

    Deep From
    With SMiles…

    PS: As Usual You
    Are The Most Beautiful Soulful
    Dancer At The Dance With SMiLes too..:)


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