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Best medicine


A translation from a Tamil forward on social media

These are the best medicines which are not available in medical stores

1 Physical exercise is one of the best medicines
2 Fasting is an excellent medicine
3 Natural Satvic food is a simple medicine
4 Laughter is the best medicine
5 Sleep is a life saving medicine
6 Green vegetable is a useful medicine
7 Sunlight is power medicine for bones
8 Loving others , Gratitude and Forgiving are also super medicines
9 Meditation n prayer are a divine medicines
10 Equanimity and right thinking are also good medicines for mind
11 Being in good company ia a modern medicine.
If we start using these medicines, we may never need to buy medicines from a chemist.
By Dr. Gunasekaran M.D. ,DC.h,MSc (YHE)


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

9 thoughts on “Best medicine

  1. Thank you for sharing.. It’s really wonderful to read all those powerful medicines that around us but mostly it’s unidentified by humans or neglected by them without knowing the reality. I think if we follow all those, we rarely need to visit the medical stores.

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  2. So very true. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. “Physical Exercise Fasting Natural Sattvic Food Laughter Sleep Green Vegetables
    Sunlight Loving Others Gratitude Forgiving Meditation Prayer Equanimity Right

    Thinking” True All Wonderful ‘Tamil’ Living Giving Natural Medicines Dear Savvy

    Thanks So Much For Sharing

    Being in Good Company

    Is Why i Visit You

    Each and


    Day With SMiLes

    Hehe While i Am Here
    That Surely Seems Like
    Enough Natural Medicine For Real..:)

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