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Musings on the Metaverse & More…


Betwixt and between
The you & I,
The us and the we,
Is a ocean of multiverses.
A tapestry of metaverses . Springing into existence
Creating connection
Beyond compare
Ingenious innovation
Reaching beyond the known
Forging ahead dimensions
Unfolding technology
With palpable sensations
Creating new possibilities
Exploring potential
Understanding elements
Of space, time and distance
Challenging norms
Quantifying needs & wants
Finding solutions
In a changing world
Simplifying complexities
In the realms of life & living.

Yet as this booming bubbles
Is it a catalyst of changes?
Some sensational and brilliant
Some scary & confounding
Simply know it’s on its way
And is here to stay
As our world will redefine
Life beyond existence…

There is bound to be a boom
Colloidal chaos & confusion
In chasing an unreal world
And finding hope to live on
In the very illusions in making.

Everything life appears now
Is a momentary phenomenon. Of perceptions that deliver
The solutions for the soul.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Acknowledge…

  1. Synergy Of Souls
    Humanity’s Force Energy
    iMaGiNaTioNS Co-Creativities

    Unleashing ReLeaSinG Similar

    Integrating One Being Human

    Labeling Left Hemisphere of Mind

    Holding Hands With Essence and Meanings
    Generating Holistically By Right Hemisphere

    Mind Bigger
    Pictures Beyond
    Just Representative
    Symbols of Reality Yes

    Indeed Human Energy
    Feelings and Senses in
    Synergy of Every New Color
    Emotions Empathically Sharing

    Beyond Distance, Space, Time Yes
    And A “Matter of Things” What This Means

    Is Reality Beyond All Scientific Measure Yes

    What This Means is Reality Far Beyond Abstract

    Constructs Yes Direct Conduit Through All That is

    Existing Dear Savvy Yes
    Every EYe A Multi-Universe
    Window Every Soul Holding
    Hands With More Souls in Synergy
    Co-Creativities Bringing Dreams Deeper

    NoW iN

    Out of
    DarK iNto Fruition

    Tapestry ReaLiTy
    All Us Fibers This
    Master Peace Painting

    Every Shadow New Adding Depth
    SHaDeS of Grey Now Beyond
    Rainbow Colors DeLiGHT On Fire..:)

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  2. The soul is the life of your days
    The soul is the life of your nights

    Imaginations of your heart are reality
    So, as you think of me,
    I may hear the growing

    In a metaverse world
    A thought caught
    Is always given away

    For, we exude the life force
    We are receiving
    Millions may catch and release

    After years of practice
    A man may say
    Something I started years ago
    Like a ray of light deep in a star
    will burst free

    Our thoughts
    Are initiated by our soul
    Contain the soul
    To live the life you choose

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  3. You are helping me on my journey 31Lloyd

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