Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

I see…


I see…
A borderless world
Overflowing abundance
In the kindness of being.
Beyond assumptions
Notions & judgments
In fear and confusion
Over man made division.
The beauty of creation
Survives the human frailties.

The world without borders
Is one of awe and intrigue
Of all pervading consciousness.
Of manifestations beyond compare
Of artistry beyond words
All strewn for us to sense
In the tapestry of life.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “I see…

  1. What Colors Does Love See

    What Labels Does Love Breathe

    Some Suggest Love is the ‘Shape

    Of Water’ Clear FLoWinG And Real

    A Common Meme

    Is i Am Human
    My Religion is Love

    And Its Action is Courage
    to Be Kind to All Continuing
    iN Understanding Differences
    Of All Separations in Layers of

    Clothes All the Tools of Culture
    Spoon-Fed From Birth So Many

    iLLuSoRY Differences that
    Become Our Present

    Realities Now

    SMiLes Dear
    Savvy It’s a Heavy

    Load of Clothes Yes
    Boundaries and Borders to

    Shed And Finally Become Naked
    Enough Whole Complete for The Wisdom
    Eye A Pinnacle of Faith of the Pyramid High

    Base of Our Nurturing Love We aRe Born With
    For ALL



    to Actually Do…
    A Child Smiling at
    Another Child With
    Nothing Better in the
    World Than the Present
    Gift of A Smile Returned As Bright

    As Shining


    Born on
    EartH to Love Again…

    Whenever i See that in Church
    i Will Love to Stand Up Point it
    Out to all the Congregation And
    Exclaim See What God (Love) STiLL Does For Real…

    From: SmART ENough



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