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Spill Art

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Very interesting perspectives…

Spill creates Art

I wonder what makes the mind want to take a spill to art.
What evokes the heart to charge the creator with imagination and energy…
To be able to create such artful associations.

Some learnings from a Spill
To turnover a spill to evolve for better

If a child has spilled a cup of milk accidentally….
To keep calm and address the lesson in the spill like carefulness, steadiness, patience, thoroughness, cleanliness and most of all mindfulness.

What’s is spilled, is spilled already…. what matters is what we do about it.


As a child when my daughter dropped a glass of water, spilled milk on the floor accidentally, without getting angry admonishing, I have used it as moments to convey such lessons… so much so that it made her understand the value being in the moment while doing anything.

Great lessons can be taught in such moments and vulnerability can become a strength in time.

Similarly one can intend

To create hope in a spill…
To sense a pattern of possibilities in a spill

To use a spillover to change mindsets
To challenge the statuesque through a spill.

To evoke creativity and art…
To test skillsets learned from a spill

To create art in revisiting patterns & perspective
To spill some more and align the pattern formations.

To move beyond the evident spillover…
To envision hope beyond the accidental spill

To accentuate the spill artfully
To create masterpieces from the potential in a spillover…

To understand there is always a reason why and the learnings to come.
To empathize with the spillings across the learning curve

So the very act of overflow or spill
Or a cup that runneth over
Can be a turning point in itself
With the many lessons to learn.
The choice rests with us.


This post is a spillover effect from an earlier share by my good friend Ali Anani, PhD.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Spill Art

  1. Smiles Savvy, Creativity Generating Happiness Within
    Making Patience Fun Where Every Interval of

    Life is Feeling New Colors Inspiring

    Our Breaths to Fully Enjoy

    Air; SMiles, Like A Rock

    Concert, i waited about 3 Hours

    Standing in Line for an ‘Open

    House’ Vaccine Event in my Town

    While everyone was complaining

    i Was Enjoying An Ever More

    Complexity of Barely



    Dance Only

    Aiming At Essence of

    Balance As Create A Balance

    Of Body Make A Balance of Mind
    SPiRiT HeART SoUL Complete NoW Enough

    True, for Me at Least, the Entire Experience
    Exhilarating… For i Enjoy Two Gifts, Natural Tools
    to use, Yes as Two Feet Become One Force of Balance..:)

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