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Life is as you make it!


This is a beautiful painting by my dear artistic friend Rupa from India.

Am visiting France currently, so I happened to send her a photo in the morning of a beautiful magpie on the street in Rennes. Her brushes waxed eloquent on the canvas and painted the beautiful being in my heart for eternity.

Yesterday as I was speaking to a senior faculty at a university here who also nurses a similar interest in painting and photography I was so happy to share my friend’s work with her… I believe love for art and creativity is such a beautiful way to connect with life.

Thank you, dear friend, for taking the effort… it’s such a lovely first impression.💙🤗💙

One who knows the worth of life cannot afford to waste even a single moment of life.

Every step you take towards a more meaningful life for you, makes life worth living in it.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Life is as you make it!

  1. Great example Savvy! Thanks for continuing to share.
    Many Blessings

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    • Truly there are many blessed moments in our days which we fail to acknowledge in the daily grind of life. Art and creativity can help us to pause and notice the many blessings we are surrounded with. All we need is a little upliftment for our souls to live every moment joyfully. And seeing life as an art or sensing the art of life makes the journey of life beautiful!
      Thank you for your kind appreciation my friend 🙏

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