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Purpose of Creativity


Is there a purpose
To creativity?
For creativity fulfils itself.
In it’s own doing.

Art is the pathway for creativity
To unleash its potential of possibilities.
Tapping into it’s own understandings.
In the flow, shaping and forming…

Creativity flourishes in the freedom
To do, to be, to voice, to express
Without fear or favour
And yet to create is a responsiblity.

To hold the pieces together.
To give meaning to expression
As it makes thoughts tangible
It holds answers to questions.

In hope for innovations in posterity
Of solutions in probability
In the knowing every facet of creativity
Is just as unique as its creator.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Purpose of Creativity

  1. Writing is an art…and you are an amazing it…i could understand and relate to your writings quite well…but not to your art works…i am a left brain 😦

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    • Thank you for relating to and appreciating my writings. Interestingly my post scheduled for tommorow ‘The Potential Within ‘explores a bit about this concept of left and right brain. I do believe we are all much more than that!🙂


  2. Does creativity really need to be meaningful always?Its the reflection of the artist’s mind . It flows in its own will, not by force. Its meaning and depth can be varied with the mindset of the beholder. Is it not the beauty of creation in any form?

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