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Thoughts Matter…


On thinking well

The way we think has much to do with the way we feel . In the interconnections and interlooping between the way we act and react and the way think feel ,there is much happening in our body mind and spirit.

We are unique in our thoughts as much as in the way we are nurtured and reared in life and living. Our experiences reflect in our ways of behaviour . Hence to impact any transformative change in our actions it is imperative to move beyond thoughts and feelings and try to understand our inner engineering and its significance in the stream of flow from reaction to response.

The energy within is dancing through every cell of our bodies . In sending and receiving impulses as signals of communication there are electrical mechanical and chemical changes occuring within us . The resultant reactions of our body is interconnected to whatever changes are occuring in our psyche and our overall health.

So to change the way we think and behave, we need to understand the interlink between our varied states of being in time.

Every conscious positive shift in our thoughts can help heal in a profound way.

Choose to think well.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Thoughts Matter…

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Words May Be Labels
    For ‘Concrete Objects’ in Our Environment
    Or Deeper and Deeper Metaphors For Feeling
    Sensing Life in Synergies of Emotions “Interoception” in
    Greater Awareness of Internal Bodily States of Being As

    That Does Relate to Our
    Feeling Sensing
    Mind in Synergy
    of Bodily States Within

    Enhancing This Ability to Regulate
    Emotions and integrate Senses Within

    May Come With Activities of Contemplating
    Meditation Including Moving Meditation in Free Dance too

    Indeed With A Balance of Regulating Emotions And Integrating
    Senses in A FLoWinG Meditating Way of Being Words More Naturally

    Flow Out of the
    Reservoir of Our
    Human Potentials
    Through Subconscious
    Mind and Conscious Awareness Now

    In Newer Positive Ways of Interacting With
    Our Environments Through Metaphors of Words too

    SMiLes of Course Along With This 6th Sense of Interoception
    Is Our Proprioception in Greater Sensing Our Environments
    On the Outside too In Relation to Greater Sensory Awareness too

    That Naturally Comes With A Free FLoWinG Meditating Movement
    of Dance too

    Of Course With
    Lessons Plans
    too Like Traditional Tai Chi

    Yet For me i Rather Let The Within
    Guide me Innately Instinctually Intuitively
    In A Play of Life Including Dance And Song Free

    As Bio-Feedback Creates A Higher State of Being
    Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses Through
    Meditating Practices Where More Positive Metaphors Flow

    in Words
    of Song
    Free too With SMiLes

    It’s Really A Challenge Now to Put
    the Internal States of Being into Words

    Yet of Course Poetry And Metaphors
    That Relate to the Rest of Nature in
    Balance Serve An Art Free of This New..:)

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    • Our thoughts can be a boon or bane in living life.
      Truly so you have added all spectrums of sensing thoughts in your heartfelt reply Appreciate the all rounded approach my friend 👍
      In choosing well in conscious awareness thoughts get streamlined than repressed or controlled. And in such consistent practice of awareness , our life and living evolves.

      Let’s think of thoughts that brings a smile from the heart today!

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