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Musings in the moments

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This week finds me traveling  yet again to another city.
I realize  the sights and smells that greet me as I  set alight also set the expectations.

Yet one thing has never changed  in all my travels
My inate ability to wake up at dawn no matter when I sleep.
In the hotel room I am suddenly  abound by precious time. I also enjoy the practice  of having warm water with a just  slight dip of a teabag for a second so its more flavored water than tea.
I sense many moments of great  connectedness in this  unadulterated time of sipping tea. I love it best propped in bed with my feet all tucked in the warm sheets The warm concoction ever so gently bringing in the old familiar fuzzy feeling of being at ease, and accommodating my palate and me to the sensations of a new place. Over many such moments  of serendipitousness & the familiar deju vus that wash over me, I have been privy to my musings in verses that flow effortlessly.
Like I am doing in this now…

Moments  matter and your movements in the moments  matter a great deal.
Hold this moment that is,  in rapture and awe
It’s precious  for it will slip away
Never to meet again in posterity.
But in creating  a ripple effect of positivity through the movements in the moment
What is the future can  manifest from this now
Care to alter your life for the better.
Alter your moves…

So what’s your kind of move in this now?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Musings in the moments

  1. Oh Dear Savvy i Surely Will Relate to
    Traveling to A New Place And All the
    Fresh Soul Connections Moving That

    Brings to Co-Create
    Life so Very Refreshing

    Indeed And New

    And This Week my
    New Travels start in
    A New Dance Shoe After

    105 Months of Wearing the
    Same Style of Nike Shox Shoes
    to Dance Which hehe Surely Aren’t

    Dance Shoes Yet A Challenge to Use
    Shoes for Another Purpose Indeed with SMiLes

    And While It’s true my New Shoes Aren’t Really

    Dancing Shoes EitherThey Provide A Feeling of Even

    More Floating on the Public Dance Floors of Life Like

    Smooth and
    Shiny Walmart
    Floors Glass on
    Top of Concrete That Way

    Yet With New Shoes Comes A Different
    Way of Dancing to Master Just All Free

    And True Now i Feel More Like i Am Flying
    Even More on Terrestrial Land and True this

    New Practice This New Travel is Only Newborn For Less

    Than A Week
    Now So Many
    Ways to Do New
    Travels in Life mY FRiEnD

    to Renew Our Souls So Fresh Indeed..:)


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