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Flames afire


Sharing a beautiful message with you…

A man, who regularly attended family & group meetings suddenly, without any notice, stopped participating.
After a few weeks, one very cold night the leader of that group decided to visit him.

He found the man at home, alone, sitting in front of a fireplace where a bright fire burned.

The man welcomed the leader. There was great calm & silence.

The two men only watched the dancing flames around the logs that crackled in the fireplace.

After a few minutes the leader, without saying a word, examined the logs that formed the fire and selected one of them, glowing most brightly of all, and removed it to the side with a pair of tongs. Then he sat down again.

The host was paying attention to everything, fascinated. Before long, the lone log’s flame subsided, until there was only a momentary glow and the fire soon went out.
In a short time what was previously bright light and heat had become nothing more than a black dead piece of wood.
Very few words had been spoken since the greeting.

Before preparing to leave, the leader picked up the useless piece of wood with the tongs and placed it again in the middle of the fire. Immediately, the piece of wood was rekindled, fuelled by the light and heat of the burning logs around it.

When the leader was about to leave & had reached the door, the host said: ‘Thank you for your visit and for your beautiful lesson. I’ll return to the group soon.’

Why is a group important in our lives ?

Very simple:
Because each member that withdraws takes fire and heat from the rest.

It’s worth reminding group members that they are a part of the flame.

It’s also good to remind us that we are all responsible for keeping each other’s flame burning.
And we must promote the union among us so that the fire is really strong, effective and lasting. Keep the fire burning.

It doesn’t matter if sometimes we are bothered by so many messages, quarrels and misunderstandings.

What matters is to be connected. We are here to meet, message, learn, exchange ideas or simply to know that we are not alone

Let’s keep the flame alive.

Life is beautiful with friends and family.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

9 thoughts on “Flames afire

  1. , Beautiful, thank you, dear friend!
    Keep shing bright, I kkkkkappreciate your Light greatly!
    *smiling heart*

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  2. There is no harbor
    Without your words

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a profound message! In some sense we are all responsible for the people in our lives- we need to promote hope, life and light.
    Thank you for a great post with a beautiful message ☺️

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  4. Ah Yes Dear Savvy Staying Still

    Connecting Checking on
    All of Our Neighbor’s

    Welfare’s Near and

    Far How Humans
    Where i Lived Now

    Survived Without Electricity
    Without Phones When Someone

    No Longer Traveled to Group Meetings
    Including Church They Would Make the Travel

    To their Home

    Actually Knocking
    On the Door Asking

    Are You Okay and Not
    Giving Up Until Someone
    Answered The Door or To find

    A Way in

    As Neighbors

    Took Care of THEiR

    Own And Even Strangers

    Passing By Who Needed A Home

    For the Night True Dear FRiEnD Yes

    Sad It is is When Technology Comes

    And We Forget To Check Up on the Silent

    Ones Who Never Come Around Again Now

    i Remember my 94 Year-Old Great Aunt Jettie

    At the Turn of This Current Century Then

    Telling me the Story of How Living

    Rooms And Oral Traditions

    Among Families And

    And Binding

    Groups Were the
    Essence of the Group’s Life
    Stories Told Of Humanity’s
    Soul Still Vibrant Alive Face to Face Breathing Then Yes

    Giving Sharing Caring Healing Deep in Soul’s Lives ToGeTHeR For Real…
    SMiLes if We Master The Tools And Do Not BeCome Mastered By Them

    Even More Ways
    Almost Unlimited Really
    To Spread This Love New Now..:)


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