Savvy Raj

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Authentic Appreciation


Give credit, when and where credit is due

Shy not from appreciation.

Neither in giving nor taking.

If you see something that makes you feel like appreciating…

Do so immediately, don’t wait for another day.

For authentic appreciation can transform the world for the receiver.

Words matter, a great deal

Say words that mean well

Let there be no ambiguity

When you mean well

Let your words drive the message home.

All is well in clarity of communication.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Authentic Appreciation

  1. Great message and lesson! We can all learn to be more generous with our praise 😊

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    • Yes Simone, often people may hold back appreciation that wells up in their heart in doubt and critique, that it might backfire, yet a few true words of appreciation can positively transform one another. 😊

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  2. You Have A Wonderful Soul
    Hehe Perhaps That’s What

    He Meant When He Said
    Stove HAha

    Yet’s It’s

    True Dear
    Savvy You
    Cook Up
    Wisdom Like No Other

    Can And Will i Feel and
    Sense For Sure Always

    Inspiring Soul of me to
    Cook Up Something Else

    to Digest too


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  3. Appreciate the beauty of “Tomorrow.”
    Yet, Live in the wonder of “Now/”

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