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A Face


A little bit of freetime and a mobile phone art app in your hand can make the moments come alive…

I started to paint the screen with all my favorite colors… but then somehow somewhere in between I sensed a face pop and I continued to sketch away at leisure and found a face staring righton .

Now the face was somewhat serious and I just could not gel with that, as the moment was anything but that, so I just had to play with my fingers on the screen just a bit and lo and behold that face was more appealing to me now.

It’s a work in progress…Yes I could have gone on refining this piece,there is a lot of room for it, but somewhere I just stopped adding more to it ,perhaps I might pick it up in posterity and paint some more.

P.s Must mention I used no stylus, just my fingers for this one. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece of art.

How did you like my mobile art ?

Which face resonates with you today?


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “A Face

  1. It’s amazing how things appear and images form when you just go with the flow creatively. 😊

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  2. Namaste!
    What Do i See
    Dear Savvy in Your
    Free Hand Creativity!!


    The Face of God
    And What is This Face
    of God? Yes! Namaste! Yes!

    This Face of God is Creativity

    All This Living Tree Shining

    Brighter Lights of Colors New

    In All the Forms This Essence

    Arrives Now New And So Original

    Always Changing With Every Inhale
    of Peace Exhale of Love We continue Free!


    Freeing Our
    Minds And Bodies

    From Mechanical Cognition

    Breathing Now So Free At Ease FLoWinG

    Moving Yes Dancing Yes Singing HeARTS SPiRiTs SoULS NoW

    Freeing Butterfly Wings Springing Green Newer Colors From

    Older Forms of Cocoons No Longer Tripping Up on One-Hundred
    Caterpillar Feet Still Aiming Then For A Lifelong Dream oF FLIGHT!

    So God
    Savvy Continue
    to Arrive Namaste!
    In All New Faces of Your Creativity Now!..:)


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