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The Senior Brain


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The director of the George Washington University College of Medicine argues that the brain of an elderly person is much more plastic than is commonly believed. At this age, the interaction of the right and left hemispheres of the brain becomes harmonious, which expands our creative possibilities. That is why among people over 60 you can find many personalities who have just started their creative activities.

Of course, the brain is no longer as fast as it was in youth. However, it wins in flexibility. That is why, with age, we are more likely to make the right decisions and are less exposed to negative emotions. The peak of human intellectual activity occurs at about 70 years old, when the brain begins to work at full strength.

Over time, the amount of myelin in the brain increases, a substance that facilitates the rapid passage of signals between neurons. Due to this, intellectual abilities are increased by 300% compared to the average.

And the peak of active production of this substance falls on 60-80 years of age. Also interesting is the fact that after 60 years, a person can use 2 hemispheres at the same time. This allows you to solve much more complex problems.

Professor Monchi Uri from the University of Montreal believes that the brain of an elderly person chooses the least energy-intensive path, cutting unnecessary and leaving only the right options for solving the problem. A study was conducted in which different age groups took part. Young people were confused a lot when passing the tests, while those over 60 made the right decisions.

Now let’s look at the features of the brain at the age of 60-80. They are really rosy.


  1. The neurons of the brain do not die off, as everyone around them says. Connections between them simply disappear if a person does not engage in mental work.
  2. Absent-mindedness and forgetfulness appear due to an overabundance of information. Therefore, you do not need to focus your whole life on unnecessary trifles.
  3. Beginning at the age of 60, a person, when making decisions, uses not one hemisphere at the same time, like young people, but both.
  4. Conclusion: if a person leads a healthy lifestyle, moves, has a feasible physical activity and has full mental activity, intellectual abilities DO NOT decrease with age, but only GROW, reaching a peak by the age of 80-90 years. So don’t be afraid of old age. Strive to develop intellectually. Learn new crafts, make music, learn to play musical instruments, paint pictures! Dance! Take an interest in life, meet and communicate with friends, make plans for the future, travel as best you can. Don’t forget to go to shops, cafes, concerts. Do not lock yourself alone – it is destructive for any person. Live with the thought: all the good things are still ahead of me!

👀 Information!

A large study in the United States found that:

▪The most productive age of a person is from 60 to 70 years;
▪ The 2nd most productive human stage is the age from 70 to 80 years old;
▪ 3rd most productive stage – 50 and 60 years old.
▪ Before that, the person has not yet reached his peak.
▪The average age of the Nobel Prize laureates is 62;
▪The average age of the presidents of the 100 largest companies in the world is 63 years;
▪The average age of pastors in the 100 largest churches in the United States is 71;
▪The average age of dads is 76 years.
▪ This confirms that a person’s best and most productive years are between 60 and 80 years of age.
▪This study was published by a team of doctors and psychologists in the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.
▪They found that at 60 you reach the peak of your emotional and mental potential, and this continues until you are 80.
▪ Therefore, if you are 60, 70 or 80 years old, you are at the best level of your life.

  • SOURCE: New England Journal of Medicine *.

Pass on this information to your family and friends aged 60, 70 and 80 so that they will be proud of their age.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “The Senior Brain

  1. Very educational Savvy…


  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy
    RAiSinG mY Hand With

    Yes A Senior BRaiN of 61
    Yet True Junior


    of Ever


    Still Within
    Still Radiating
    Youth of Sunshine Warmth

    Thanks For Sharing This ‘New England
    Journal of Medicine’ Study SHoWinG

    What i Already Do Hehe As

    53 Was Just A Hint of

    Things to Come

    So Much


    Than All the
    Years Put Together then

    Human Potential Evolves

    All The Way Through Living

    Ages Key is Use it Rather Than

    Lose it In Ever Way Now my FRiEnD

    Oh So Blessed Not to Be Slave to Making
    Money Or Target Audiences Requiring me

    to Act Only Restricted to Their Plays of Life

    Now i Direct mY Own Human Potentials Yet

    to See Any Real Reasonable Limits Still at 61

    And My FRiEnDS

    And Far

    Away Mentors

    in Physical Activity
    Were Retired Navy Captains
    in the Military Still Shrugging
    700 Pounds in Their 70’s and
    Squatting 450 Pounds too They

    Didn’t Pay Any Attention to the
    Marine Captain At Age 31 Saying
    Oh No i am Getting So Old Self-Fulfilling

    Prophecy of never getting Stronger Under
    A Bench Press With SMiLes and Then There

    Are The Arts and Sciences So Many HiSToRiCaL

    And HeRSToRiCaL Examples Indeed Like The

    Nun In her 80’s Still on the Lecture Circuit

    Rewiring Her Brain in a Way

    Defying All the


    of Alzheimer’s Disease
    From What Brain Scans
    Then Showed Science Said
    No She Shouldn’t Other Wise
    Be Able to Do It And You Know

    It’s Really True At 53 i Could only
    Leg Press 500 Pounds And Now at
    61 i Warm Up with the Most Weight
    Ever at 1380 Pounds and Yes Still Do A
    Max of 1520 Pounds Only Because the

    Machine Will Not Hold Any More Weight

    With 10 MiLLioN Words of Long Form Longest
    EPiC Poetry Arriving on December 18th of 2021
    At my Current Pace of 100,000 Words A Month
    Through A Hundred Months then and Now at
    99 Months of 15,818 Miles of Public Dance

    i Am Still Amazed That My Balance in
    FRiEnDS With Gravity Still Improves

    Every Day My FRiEnD So Would

    i Go Back to Any Now

    Yet Now if i Had

    A Genie

    To Make

    Three Wishes

    Well No of Course Not

    i AM mY Own Genie Granting

    mY Own Human Potential Wishes

    As i Continue to Evolve and Grow

    And Sure i Take Notes And Leave them
    All Around the Globe as i Do Want to

    See Others Do More Than

    i Ever Dreamed

    Of in this

    One Life

    in Gratitude

    Worth Dying For in
    Complete Faith of Thanks

    For This Gift of Life Now

    Like No Other Life i Could
    Possibly iMaGiNE Better
    Until the Now That is This Present Gift Now..:)


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