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Free to be?


Every continent has become an island in itself,
Every country has become a fort in itself,
Every state has become a prison in itself,
Every city has become a jail in itself,
Every family live in confinement ,
Every member is confined to their solitary cell.

Afraid to travel, afraid to meet,
Afraid to hug ,all in their own cell.

Nature endowed us with power to protect.
Our selfish greed ,ego and pride
put us in this unfathomable pit.
What we have done to ourselves.
In the name of research n development
We have ended up in our own hell.

Never cross boundaries with Nature
None can stand its powerful nature.
The lessons learnt are never to forget.
All long for the bygone past
wandering freely in spaces vast,
Celebrating occasions
mingling with relations.

Humble down to Cosmic rules
Simple joys will surface in our pools .

Musings by my mother Anjana

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

10 thoughts on “Free to be?

  1. Untouched Nature is real treasure for our eyes,,

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  2. That Was A Wonderful
    Poem Your Mother
    Wrote Savvy

    i Apologize

    if my Words

    Offended you in Any Way…

    i Surely Do my Best to Stay
    Within the Spirit of What i

    Hear With SMiLes…

    Or Perhaps

    Ate my Comment hehe

    It Happens now and then too..:)

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    • I have not received any comment from you prior to this … and thank you for your kind support. Will certainly let my mother know how her words are appreciated here. It will make her happy for sure!

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      • Hehe it’s The Strangest thing i Guess the Algorithm
        Doesn’t Like that Particular
        Comment As i Sent

        It Again And
        It Refused to
        Accept it Haha

        i guess it Thinks
        my Poetry is coming

        From A Robot As Spam

        It’s Surely Not

        The First Time
        An Algorithm or
        Human Didn’t Understand

        my Poetry
        With SMiles

        Anyway Dear
        FRiEnD Your
        Mother’s Poem
        Inspiring Indeed

        As All
        Of Your
        Poetry is
        Too With SMiles😊


      • Not Letting
        The Algorithm
        Defeat me Hehe

        i Rephrased the
        Original Poem
        Gonna try it Again:

        DarK No Connection
        LiGHT Yes All Connection
        Nature Teaches me Within



        On Wing As
        Nature Breathes


        Living Tree
        Roots Leaves
        Rise Feed Green
        Falling Feeding New
        Souls of Soil to Spring

        SMiles Dear Savvy Your 🏝
        Mother Nature Wise Indeed


  3. It never ends well when we cross the line into Nature’s territory. Yet we see it attempted constantly.

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  4. Personally – yes I am afraid to travel – especially in these Covid times.

    So, I travel between the various cities in my area – 5 of them.

    We live in the country – so I don’t really live in a city – although my mailing address is a city. Sometimes I actually do go to that City – to shop. Most times I go to the city that I live the closest to – several times a week. I interact with people.

    Very rarely do I go to the other 3 cities. but I still go there.

    Would I travel to another state? this is not likely in any foreseeable future – though I would like to go back to Alaska again on the ferry some time.

    I would love to go to Canada to see our grand children – but I can’t get the vaccine – so that is locked out to me. Hopefully in a few years I will be able to go there – without having to have the vaccine.

    Hopefully one day the world will get sane again.

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    • Can relate to what you say about traveling…Wishing the world heals and we are are free to be, and travel the world.
      Great to know you live in the country , and wonderful to hear you love to travel to Alaska. For us from here it feels really far far away, like you might perhaps be feeling about India.
      I also send you my heartfelt wishes for you to get to meet your grandchildren soon in Canada .


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