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Where every move matters…


Isnt life like a game of chess
Where every move matters
Where every step creates opportunities
Where without a plan we may be flummoxed

Where a sense of direction creates progress
Where there is anticipation of possibilities.
Where there is a passion for purpose
Where dedication and perseverance.

Where attentive alertness makes all the difference.
Where awareness and keen observation matters much.
Where every decisive move can impact profoundly
And yet with all the planning one could be checkmated.

Life is meant to be played on for there is no looking back.
Where having a goal is important to fulfillment of living.
Yes life is like a game

Where joys of the journey is greater than success and failures.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “Where every move matters…

  1. Wow extremely profound and yet so simply put ..

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  2. Thanks for sharing, dear Savvy -Once Bobby Fisher (He was world-champion in chess a long time ago) met a guy who said to him: “Life is like chess” – and Bobby answered: “Life is chess…”

    I wrote also a chess symbolic poem:

    Have a great Sunday, my friend 🙂
    All good wishes

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  3. Direction creates progress, anticipation of possibilities, passion for purpose, dedication and perseverance. so thoughtfully penned lines .It reminds me of the life of Ugandan chess champion Phiona Mutesi. powerful poem.

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  4. Beautiful poem! Life is indeed a game, where every move has its own consequences.

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  5. Yesterday I watched it and today your poem .what a coincidence! Lovely day today.

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  6. We have to keep going, life is like a game, and our joy can be in recognizing that. Great post, Savvy!

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    • Yes indeed! A semblance of sanity gained in seeing the so called challenges as part of lifes grand whole, can create a positive shift in our attitude towards life and living.


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