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The virtue of patience is trust
The virtue of trust is faith
The virtue of faith is a belief
The virtue of belief is knowing
The virtue of knowing is awareness
The virtue of awareness is awakening
The virtue of awakening is consciousness
The virtue of consciousness is wisdom
The virtue of wisdom is life
The virtue of life is in being
The virtue of being is in living
The virtue of living is in experiencing
The virtue of experiencing is in sensing
The virtue of sensing is in feeling
The virtue of feeling is in learning
The virtue of learning is in letting go
The virtue of letting go is in giving
The virtue of giving is in sharing
The virtue of sharing is in abundance
The virtue of abundance is in love
Love is unconditional, & all-pervading
Where love is, virtue is
And so is all.

Today having reached a tiny milestone of writing and publishing 250 continuous posts I share the joys of the journey in passion, perseverance and most of all in love and patience.

Contemplating on the virtue of patience set me thinking of all the interweaving of virtues. Everything connects and has a reason to be.πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ’™


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

21 thoughts on “Interweaves

  1. The virtue of you is to inspire and be inspiring…on a constant basis!

    Thank you very with this super flow from patience ending with love…while going through the motions of faith, belief, knowing, awareness, awakening, consciousness, wisdom, life, being, living, experiencing, sensing, feeling, learning, letting go, giving, sharing and abundance.

    I would also like to add…longing, leading, lingering and so on to it…

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  2. It’s just like the outer swirl of that beautiful rose leading to the final interior destination…

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    • Everything connects
      Sometimes seems chaotic
      Sometimes giving way to structure
      But there is always a way that finds itself.
      In the river of time
      To the source of creation.
      The endless beginning.


  3. Greatly penned, my dear Savvy πŸ™‚
    All the best and a good time to you

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  4. The virtue of knowing how to live with yourselves…

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  5. The virtue of love is sarva bhootha hitham
    The virtue of your words is positive vibes.

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  6. Congratulations ….truly inspiring work 😍

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  7. Beautifully penned, Savvy.

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  8. Congrats for the 250th milestone, Savvy. An apt post with a pleasing visual. The virtuous human qualities interwoven so beautifully spreading the fragrance of love to encompass all. Essence of Life. Stay blessed.

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