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Towards Clarity


My artwork today!

Sharing an interpretation…sent by my dear mother.

Towards Clarity
Converging from all directions.
With unformed shapes, unlinked thoughts. Merging at the centre as a Guiding Star
The sign of hope, light and promise for a positive tomorrow, filled with joy n cheer.

Have a wonderful day!

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

23 thoughts on “Towards Clarity

  1. Beautiful! Love the colors.

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  2. Thank you my friend.


  3. Most beautiful, Savvy. How did you even do this?

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  4. Great artwork, dear friend -meets my taste 🙂
    All good wishes

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  5. Magnificent colours and portrayal of love

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  6. I would love to know what media and how this was done. It is beautiful!

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    • Thank you Anne .Glad to know you liked it . Simply a digital painting using Corel draw.

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      • Ah, something I have not mastered, but that is OK. I will leave its creation to you. This is a very special form of art. I work in a lot of different art mediums, and I like the ones I have, so I will enjoy and appreciate the Corel draw digital drawings that you and others might create. We can sometimes spread ourselves too thin. I am just starting back into my art again, and so I need to focus on finishing a lot of potential projects I started awhile back. Thank you kindly.

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  7. Absolutely fantastic work. The mix of colors truly represents the diversity that exists within ourselves. But it is only to realize the true self which will eventually merge into the ONE SUPREME. Lovely work Savvy. Keep it up

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  8. Wow, your paintings and other mediums are fantastic. I love that the circle is repeated in some form or other because it is such a significant symbol. These are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing them.

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