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Old trees


The world’s oldest olive tree is in Greece.
The ‘olive tree of Vouves’ on the island of Crete, is 3500 years old
Every tree is beautiful
No matter where it is
But some take your breath away
In the sheer grace of abundance

Or even the grit of determination

In the shaping and the grounding

In the resilience and rootedness
Of nature’s manifestation.

Salute to the soul and spirit of trees.🙏



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Old trees

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed We aRe Birthed By Trees
    Providing The Oxygen We BReatHE ALonG With The
    Fungi That Interact And Help Roots of Trees Entire

    Forests To Communicate THiS Way to Survive
    And Thrive Balance As We All Come And Go

    iN LiFE THiS WaY So Clear Before i Could
    Speak at 4 Raised on a River Front
    Down Town Home Looking to

    The Forest So Easy to See i
    Am A Leaf That Feeds
    The Green RiSinG
    Trees HiGHeR

    Falling to

    SoUL SoiLS
    Brown Promise
    of Spring Green
    Leaves Coming Along

    With New Saplings of Trees

    Roots Below Branches Above

    Tree in One Leaf Feeding With

    Veins of Leaves As Streams Feed

    Rivers FLoWinG into Bays Gulfs

    Ocean Whole Waves Water

    Rain Dropping From
    Skies Feeding

    Our Blood
    Streams Yes

    For The Rivers
    Of Our HeART
    Beats Each And
    Every one as Iron From
    Supernova Explosions Yes

    Crucible Fire of Gaseous
    Dust Spreading Iron Core
    Of Our Only Mother Earth

    Picking Up Oxygen in Our
    Bloodstreams For Each And

    Every HeART Beat to Come Again

    Every Grain of Sand Potentially Holding

    Up Mountains of Human Love Valley Low

    Mountain High Within Inside Outside

    Above So Below All Around

    Forever Now All Our

    HoMe STill

    Breathing New

    Free Dear Savvy
    This Miracle This
    Gift of Life Our Living Trees No Separation

    Ever From All That is Us too With SMiLes…

    Higher Love From Every Leaf We Continue

    to Spread RiSinG Green For Every Human


    LoVE iN Peace
    Peace In Love

    STiLL RiSinG

    Dear Savvy THiS HiGHeR LoVE
    Nature of Dance And Song God Yes
    Continuing To BREaTHE Free SMiLinG..:)

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