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Yesterday afternoon I visited the local Crosswords book shop and spent time browsing through some amazing books.
I was so enjoying my Sunday me time that I hardly realized how the day had turned to late evening as I stepped out. 
Walking down an aisle of steps my eyes fell on a very poignant sight. There was this little boy with a little basket, sitting by a busy street selling the very colorful & delicious Java/blackplum called Jamun in India.

He looked no older than 6 or 7 years. But there he was confidently telling me a price. I went near him, to pick up some myself, but realized his entire basket was really ripe and ready. I watched how he had a little steel glass by which he measured and gave me the quantity I asked for. 

I watched his tiny hands at work and I thought  to myself this little  boy should be holding a book to read or write and here was this child ,selling fruits.

I struck a little conversation asking him if he goes to school, he said the last few years there has been no school, although he likes to study but now he is helping him family this way and this is fun too! There was something in the way he said it, that my heart warmed up to him.

Yes he is right, the school of life has a lesson for each of us at every turn.
If we choose to see it so.

Although fate has ordained his life to be so in this now, I blessed him silently from my heart for a better life in time.
I salute the little  boy’s budding entrepreneurial spirit.




Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Life & Living

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy After 19 Years
    of School, 3 Degrees at Close to
    The Top of my Class, and 33 Years
    of Work 25 Spent For Active Pay
    For the Federal Government

    Rising to Higher Standard
    Pay Finally For 100 Percent
    Retirement Pay Now At 62 Years

    Golden Handcuffs Finally Free Now

    As i Look Back Verily School Taught me
    Enough to Read And Write and Balance
    A Check-Book And Save Money too Other

    Than That School And Work Mostly took

    my Living Soul Away

    True Love

    is the First

    Lesson and
    The Lesson Truly
    Alive to me The Rest

    Was Originally Meant to
    Make Life Better For All of Us

    And Not So Complex and Stressful For Most
    That Young Boy May Truly Become Meek Enough
    To Remain Naked Enough Whole And Complete

    Love While

    It may Be
    the Furrowed
    Brow of the Man
    in a Suit With Brief
    Case Truly Living in HeLL ON EartH

    True i Used to Be that Man Until i Found
    my 5 Year-Old Child Before All the School
    And Work Again No Longer Tied Down to Spoon Fed

    Extra Tight Fitting
    And Suffocating For Real

    Yet Of Course if You Love
    What You Do You No Longer Work
    As Nature Shows Life is a Play for Breathing Free..:)

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