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On Love & Hope


Share the Power of love …a share of hope peace trust and joy !
Let our hearts be full of hope
Let our mind be filled with peace
Let our spirit be alive with trust
Let our soul dance with joy ….

Savvy Raj

Have a wonderful day !!!

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “On Love & Hope

  1. “Power of Love
    Sharing Hope
    Peace Trust Joy”

    Inhaling Peace

    Exhaling Love

    You Capture The

    Feeling of Faith

    When We Truly Sense

    Faith is Real All the Ingredients

    Held In A HeART of Water That

    Fountain Flows Ocean Whole

    Waves Indeed We Give

    Souls Spiriting





    Dear FRiEnD

    Savvy For When i Come

    HeaR to Find A Poem That

    Begins And Ends Another Day

    of Writing So Many Poems Inspiring

    From Other Souls The Theme Just All

    Always Fits in Yes Linked In With No

    Reasons At All Yet the Stars

    That LiVE Within

    That Move An

    Entire Galaxy

    of Humans Connecting

    With This Force of All that

    Is Beyond Names And All Reason

    Yes Indeed To STarT Again With the Power of Love…
    Never Really Finishing Beginning Or Ending At All Just Now..:)


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