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When Competency alone is not enough!


In the service industry handling customer service requests there is truly never a dull moment. With a mixed bag of complaints and accomplishments, every day brings new challenges and cheer.

The joy of helping someone at another end the best possible way and working to ease the process is a great motivator. However, the flip side is the unexpected escalations that can derail even the most balanced performers.

Unhappy customers can be irritated bothersome indifferent downright rude, insulting begin name-calling, and can threaten as well. It certainly takes a great amount of emotional intelligence to know it’s not about you and not internalize it and work out an amicable solution.

In our busy life and living, every work problem is measured by the ability to find solutions. Technology is driven into the equation, research analytics and statistical data crunching become the fulcrum of deductions & resolutions.
Yet somewhere there exists a gap which we miss out often.

We forget that the problems we are finding resolutions for are customers who are unique Each with different needs and expectations. Simply put technical knowledge and expertise cannot create a successful business model that can be sustained.
We need to be able to recognize and identify the people who have the ability to bridge the gaps for seamless and effective process delivery.

Take for instance a service-oriented company that must never undermine the importance of great customer service strategy. So hiring the right people for the job with the requisite skills is necessary. But even more so is training them to be able to bring their authentic voice to create a great customer experience in every call. This can change the way customers perceive the company’s products and services as well.
Although it must be added that such an approach must be consistent across all levels of interaction with the company.

Art of turning down what you cannot fulfill.

There is a profound saying ” Don’t bite more than you chew”

Valuable learning to be applied from here is never over-commit and then fail to fulfill it. In the service industry, there are situations where a request from a customer cannot be fulfilled for whatsoever reason and must be turned down. It is of utmost importance to be able to say no, but also suggest alternatives with empathy and consideration of the difficulty faced by the customer and acknowledge without over-commitment on what cannot be fulfilled.

In customer service like in life, our knowledge alone is never enough. What is important is what we do with it and how we show we care that makes the job well done.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

9 thoughts on “When Competency alone is not enough!

  1. The most toughest part of industry is customer care, the front line must be in a position to smile and listen first and resolve issues with an excellent out put. Thy error is human, still refining the issues are at most concern as well. Not all can handle this position it needs a lot of concentration to listen and resolve so one bad customer care attitude can destroy the companies foundation. Good post Savvy once again. I remember the old days I use to handle a big team and the day end was always a head ache. But it was fun to interact with various kinds of people and make them smile at the end of the page. Cheers . Big smile to you.

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  2. Nice read.’Customer is the King’ is the phrase,but now a days customers demand & expect too much and acting as if they are the ‘Emperors’ and are the reason,for the service providing staff developing BP and other health related problems,forget about pleasing the boss and customer till death.Who ever handles this portfolio are sure to develop health problems……too late sometimes.
    ‘Art of turning down ‘ is a waste of exercise.Apologies if I am harsh.

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    • Thank you for your heartfelt share. Yes the world of business is definitely trying their best to woo the customers in every way they can. From influencers to the analytics there is much going on… as customer service is no more a simple interaction but a deeply scientific process to create an experience that the customer will be loyal to. But it’s not easy with so much competition around as well. However as far as the health of customer service providers while it is certainly stressful what needs to be remembered is issues need to be resolved but not internalized. Especially in complaints handling, it certainly is a tough job to handle complaints all through.and hear with patience while deciding how to help better the situation.
      Kudos to all those who are managing this day in and out and keep going on .

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