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WFH -The Global Shift


This Global Shift to Work From Home was meant to happen. The lockdown just hastened the process. With more and more work being computer-driven the approach to online meetings finding acceptance the shift was inevitable.

With increasing traffic and the associated fatigue, the rising costs of real estate, infrastructure, and equipment to maintain and sustain a physical office environment the Work From Home seems to be a more suitable effective and efficient alternative in the current scenario.

However, this will soon gain greater acceptance as employers will find although there are challenges people actually can be productive from wherever they are. And there are ways and tools as well to ensure it. So much system integration and analytics only show how it can turn the majority into adopting this method of employment. Unnecessary travel time and cost are saved, the energy can be utilized with resourcefulness.

Virtual meetings are adaptable and can even be recorded and replayed. So training modules can be conducted once and replayed.
As change is the need of the hour a series of altering and shifting of perspectives will be taking place simultaneously. In such difficult situations, we need to learn to be pliant to what’s required. Learning to be more collaborative cooperative and supportive to make the purpose worthwhile.

Virtual Work is the Future.

While this is an advantage for employees to be flexible with timing with greater time at disposal by cutting travel times and the need to get ready etc. It is also a possibility of radical shifts for Future entrepreneurs will have to learn from this experience and weigh the pros and cons carefully and cut unnecessary costs to be resourceful productive.

As for employees though the multidimensional dynamics of social interaction and sense of community in a physical office is lost, an online conversation is replete with its own tools to circumvent this.

However, with no face to face physical interaction, lesser office politics, and no watercooler gossips, it could certainly reduce the waste of unnecessary time and lead to greater efficiency.

Already with the drastic changes in the world economy and the predictions for challenging times ahead, it is time to find ways to reduce costs and increase online engagement which is already offering an array of productive resources and end to end collaborations that can change the way we work. It’s time to rethink and reinvent the way we work!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “WFH -The Global Shift

  1. The future is here now. Good post. ⚘

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  2. While I agree that all work cannot be done from home like Production, Stock Trade etc., and meetings are best had in person, I still believe that most other jobs can be done from home. The “boomerish” mentality of “nothing works from home” is outrightly ill-researched, prejudiced and stupid, which doesn’t take into account all the nuances you mentioned, like unnecessary cost to company, traffic, real estate prices etc. Great article Madam.. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.. 🙂

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