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Art of Management


Art of Self Management for Self Employed & Entrepreneurs

If you are self employed it is certainly possible that you are actually having no downtime at all.
It is also likely that however rosy the picture is to be your own boss the truth is you are overworked and highly stressed as you are unable to delegate as compared to conventional job scenarios.

Maintaining work life balance is a continous work in progress.
The first step is working towards putting a good team in place.

You cannot managealone as your company grows . You need to be able to step back , step in and step up.
Avoid this inner conflict with yourself that as an entrepreneur you have to be hustling constantly all the time.

Avoid burnout… take a mini vacation time to time.
In today’s technological age you can step away and be aware and clued in on what’s happening at work easily.

Remember you are a human not a machine and you need to ease up as well.

Switch off to switch in.

Sleeping well is great way to destress but to boost your brain there is a way to renew your creative instincts

Simply Switch off from regular work
Switch in to a new or parallel interest .
Read explore paint draw dance sing write or research or reflect on complete opposite of what your regular schedule entails .

You will rewire your neural pathways to jumpstart your own creativity.

Check it out for yourself!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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