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Who says?


Who says poetry is just made with words?

There is poetry made in the melody of tunes.
There is poetry that flows in colour and hues.

There is poetry in the joy of two beating hearts as one.

There is poetry in shaping clay on a potters wheel.

There is poetry is the ebb and flow of the waves.
There is poetry in the gushing streams of wilderness.

There is poetry in the chirping of birds.

There is poetry in the joy of a heartfelt smile.

There is poetry in dewdrops dancing on leaves.

There is poetry is stroke of brush on paper.

There is poetry in the heart of two dancing souls
There is poetry in the ecstatic tango of the feet.

There is poetry in the hearts of lovers uniting.
There is poetry of divinity in faith and prayer.

There is poetry in sacred geometry.
There is poetry in the elements of nature.

If we choose…

There is poetry in the magic of life and living.
And then comes the poetry of the pen to paper waxing eloquent.
For yet we love to read words to sense the unique poetry that we actually are.

Poetry is in who we are, as we are, the way we are…
As is the flow, the flow is us.
We are born of poetry of stars,
Of spaces in betwixt and between.
We are verses in the vividity.
Just as much in the subtlety.
And in the sublimity.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

23 thoughts on “Who says?

  1. Who Says?

    It’s all about Nature s influence…

    Keep the smile. Happy week end

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  2. Beautiful words so well composed and there is poetry everywhere. Awesome pictures

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  3. Beautiful, Savvy- this post made me smile and I loved the pictures too

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  4. Posted the last post to Facebook and e-mailed it to my good friend who is going through some difficult times, and also reposted this one on Google. Thank you so much, Savvy. I long to be like you and to be able to inspire and fill people with good thoughts. We so need this throughout the world. Anne

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    • Deeply encouraged with your kind words of appreciation Anne
      Thank you for the kind shares of my works. Hopefully someone will benefit through these shared thoughts.πŸ™ Lots of good energies and goodwill.πŸ€πŸ’žπŸ€

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      • The healing that kindness and sharing brings is the best medicine we can offer someone in spiritual, physical, or other pain. We need to be able to validate their pain and to encourage them that it is not a forever thing. I will never forget when I had a small nonprofit to assist physically challenged fiber artists with getting exposure for their work and teaching them professional development since most of them were unable to get out into the world to learn these things on their own. We were having a special exhibit to honor their challenges with story quilts, and so I began to get a lot of phone calls from women who had “invisible” challenges such as fibromyalgia, cancer, etc. and emotional illnesses such as chronic depression. The most calls I had were from the women with chronic depression, and all of them asked me the same thing: could depression be a physical challenge? I always replied the same: “Well, dear one, it certainly is not an out-of-body experience, is it?” And then I would tell them how historians and anthropologists believe that depression arose from a need of our distant ancestors from the small ice age, etc. They would not be able to go out and readily get food to eat, and fuel would even be hard to gather. By staying asleep or being depressed, it would cause their body functions to shut down somewhat and enable them to survive. It was so strange that once they received validation for their suffering, whatever form it might take, they began to shine and be immensely creative, and some of those have gone on to become very well-known for their art. It costs us nothing to share good words and thoughts with those in need, and it may save someone’s life. Thank you most kindly, Savvy.


  5. Just beautiful, Savvy.
    I love geometry and mathematics, so these verses of yours resonate with me;
    There is poetry in sacred geometry.
    There is poetry in the elements of nature.

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  6. This is soooo beautiful – the words, feelings and visuals. Thank you Savvy – for your poetic heart and words. πŸ™‚

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