Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Intend well,live well!



Spend time on that which you love

It is beautiful to reflect and revel in joyfulness

Cos it does your body  mind and spirit

A whole deal of good.

Contrary to opinion of what mindfulness is … being in the now is also about being able to witness the joys of your life in the sensing but  without dependence.

Your own lifes better moments are deeply healing experience for your state of being.

The neurons that fire in the rememberance of positive experiences can bring association of memory banks long long forgotten in time.  And suddenly you find yourself recharged, reinvigourated and regenerated in the wake of such moments.

Mindfulness comes to play in the simple witnessing and letting the memory move on in time naturally as it would rather than wallowing in the wake of  and in the aftermath of  happy memories.

So next time you find yourself in the beautiful times of the then, dont worry, a lot of healing is  taking place sub consciously. Just take care to cross the bridge of the then to the now, steering away consciously and gradually from any self remorse and self pity.

This is where  cultivation of gratitude comes in to help simply feeling grateful to have had some very blessed moments, and that creates space for abundance to move into your present moment.

Have a blessed day and blessed life!

You are your deepest intention.

Intend well. Live well.

Savvy Raj


Although I am no medical expert this  reflection has come simply from many of my personal observations in life and living.  As a dance educator and trainer,  and having facilitated workshops for many seniors  I have been blessed with many beautiful memories . But more specifically have been a witness to how fond recollections can be for them of a take back in time when I play music of 40s and 60s with dances from that era. Suddenly their faces light up with smiles and there is a spring in their steps.

There are so many incidents of positive reflections  that come to mind and touch my heart….I  particularly remember one of my senior most student at a glorious 89, mentioning to me excitedly how even a single class on a Monday evening  would have them charged up with positivity for the whole week ahead . I know it is not just about the dance form but about the triggered  recollections of the joyous times of the then and  its associations that made their day !  The goodwill and cheer was almost palpable. Life is truly to live than just exist!
Savvy Raj

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Intend well,live well!

  1. Bravo, well said. How can someone so young write with such wisdom? It was a blessing finding your sight.

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    • Truly humbled by your words . Thank you for liking the post . Had started to answer your question but then I just decided to add it to the main post itself , as it got a bit long .Do hope it answers your query. 😊

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      • My question, in a round about way, was more of a compliment than a question, however I loved your response. From your writing and what I feel reading it, I do believe you are very gifted and glad you share your gift instead of keeping it all bottled up.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Our gifts are simply our blessings this is my simple understanding and there is always a reason why we are given them if we only take a step and care to follow we will find our path or stumble upon it one way or other.
          To learn is to share and to share is to learn some more …. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.

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  2. Life is truly a now moment. Carpe diem- “seize the day”. Life is a beautiful thing to do and cherish every minute, second, and hour.

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