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On Thoughts … Part 2


This morning I wrote down a few thoughts ….’On tboughts’ and shared and just a while ago I was pleasantly surprised by some lovely afterthoughts shared by my dear mother  almost immediately on Whatsapp.

I share her jotted thoughts here as part 2:

 On Thoughts  
Thoughts are the doorways that connect our inner and outer world. As we walk along this path it leads  us along the physical ,material world filled with varied emotions, feelings and desires. It connects us with our past, bring back the forgotten memories and our reaction depends on what it mirrors. It has the power to make us sad, angry, or happy.  Like an expert master it rules our emotions.  A happy moment can turn sour when it brings an unwanted, unneeded or unconnected memory back which is followed by a volley of unnecessary words and arguments which can make the whole scene bitter, thereby sowing the seed for another set of  reactions in another time frame. 

On blooming thoughts . 


It is a magical weaver. It has the potential to jump from past to future in a fraction of a second. It’s speed surpasses the fastest speed known to us. It has the power to take us to the dream world idling for hours together.    

In the the ocean of time it’s waves are endless. We become playing clay in its hands moulding our moods as it wants.

   In short our thoughts rule us. Like an obedient slave we obey its whimsical command forgetting our true potential.  The wise souls understood this.With their deep knowledge they have shown us various ways  to take command of our thoughts n  tame them. Like a circus ringmaster in the midst of wild animals we should be in constant awareness to lead our thoughts, and observe their moves.
  Similar to a focussed traveller who never strays from his path how much ever  alluring the sceneries on his way, elluding the perils in his path  goes steadfast to reach his destination, we should train ourselves not to be distracted by the flow of thoughts.  We can never stop its flow, as it is natural, but can train our mind not to react to each and every word.  Let’s be a witness,  never become a part. Let’s keep proceeding with the companionship of  positivities like kindness, compassion, selflessness,  humility and  gratitude.  Let’s make this journey beautiful.


 Come, let’s walk together in harmony guiding each other positively, as we reach our individual  goals and collective aspirations.


 Do feel free to share your thoughts…

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “On Thoughts … Part 2

  1. Words of pure wisdom, Savvy and for sure our thoughts mould us in our lives. We have to free ourselves from the limitations in order to soar to freedom. Great pictures and post.

    Liked by 1 person

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