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On Thoughts 


Our thoughts can make or break us in every now.. and our life seems like a hell or a blessing in the way our thoughts unfold . Every life has a unique purpose and a perseveres on with the thoughts to fulfill its being . 

A transition in thoughts is an expansive  phenomena in continuity . It courses on even in attempted conquering of thoughts through control or manipulation of its meanderings into an intentional channeling in consciousness.

Every thought carries weight of our feelings and emotions and vis versa.  The purpose of sensing recognising identifying defocussing and letting go all can be a liberating process .The power of being a witness to your own thoughts is a learning that  can help transcend our limiting beliefs and assumptions. Often practised in the many self awareness programs when practised with dedication and imbibed as a way of life,  they are great tools in human evolution .

Transcending thoughts is  never easy  as  it is truly a choice and practise as thoughts come and go ..the patterns we choose to create with, through and in them, makes one consciously or subconsciously a sculptor of ones life.  And through every exercise of such a choice we leave a mark in time. That said yet, when we choose to make our presence felt and how we emerge will all figure out along the way in the strength of an interrelation of thoughts in interdependence. 

What are your thoughts on this?  

Do feel free to share. 

Savvy Raj 

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “On Thoughts 

  1. Nicely written…It’s hard to control restless mind & being in present. But regular practise & conscious efforts can change it. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Very true Bhavana thank you for sharing this…and in such endeavours also remembering change is the only constant we can start by helping ourselves evolve our life for the better. You might also perhaps like to read the next part which features my mothers afterthoughts to my thoughts which I just published here.


  2. Thoughts and thoughts can make us and break us as Thich has said and I loved the way you have written, Savvy. A thoughtless mind is the essence of living a life of bliss. Great again.

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