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Creative Ingenuity


Wonderful vocabulary and ingenious indeed!

The human genius behind the pen, has an eloquence in expressing thoughts as much as a methodically structured brain to have attempted this.

Yet I wonder about the creativity of writers….

What makes every writer so very unique?

Simply saying the uniqueness of thoughts is just one part of the equation

There is always more than what meets the eye, there are some life experiences, the books that are read, the nature of nurture, the kind that leaves a certain impression, all that perhaps leaves a diversity of imprints, interespersing the imagination with potent possibilities in the musings.

Every writing has a certain uniqueness of manifestation that unfolds the magic of thought patterns in the structuring and presenting.

From simple to compound to complexity of sentence structures, the choice and arrangement of words and phrases penned, can be both, subtle and stark indicators of the spirit and soul behind the words.

Every writing leaves a soul print.

And every writing can be a journey back home unto the self!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Creative Ingenuity

  1. “Every Writing Leaves A Soul Print”

    So Wise Indeed Dear Savvy This

    Quote You Bring i used to

    Comment in Poetic


    on An International

    dVerse Poetry Trail for
    A Few Years Just for Fun

    True What they Were Looking

    For Is Criticism of Objective

    Graded Points of the

    Science of Their
    Poetry like


    Chemicals in A Test Tube
    For me though Truly i Saw Each
    Poem as A Unique Soul Print of Existence

    All A Treasured Gym of Each Unique Pair of God
    Eyes Namaste As ‘They’ Say Were You Are From

    If We Look For God In Each Other God Does Come
    Revealed in All Human Breathes too From Creation

    to Sadly

    too True Some

    Folks Got Very

    Offended that
    Their Poetry Inspired
    Soul Prints From me IN Response

    i’ve Never Seen Life As A Competition

    That Way as It’s True Some Folks Even Wrote
    Entire Blog Posts Suggesting i Was Trying to Upstage
    the Soul Prints of Others When Their Soul Was Only


    me to
    Dance And
    Sing on Page…

    Not Speaking until 4

    Having No Creativity to
    Speak of and Do Really until 53…

    Not Even Able to Really Write by Pen As True

    From Young On It Looks Like Chicken Scratch of a Doctor

    My Hands By Pen Just can’t keep Up with my Mind

    And True Not Even my Voice my FRiEnD

    It’s True What A Gift This Keyboard

    Is It allows Me to Dance

    My Soul in Words

    As Every Dance

    Step Every Beat

    of Each Letter on

    Keyboard is A Note

    A Dance Step A Song

    i Hear Coming From Within Free…

    True i am No longer ‘me’ Just A Free Dance And Song on Page…

    Just Enjoying the Song FLoWinG Within Just Happy to Dance it Share it For Free..

    Like Snoopy Just Jumping For Joy Cause it Feels Good to Escape Gravity And Become FRiEnDS With Gravity too..:)

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    • There are many thoughts and words in your response that deeply resonate with me especially … I have never seen life as a competition, as well.
      For I do believe we are here to be the best we can be….and rest God takes care of! As for upstaging , Isnt ones creativity a take off of some idea inspiration, thoughts or emotions & experiences .Truly glad to read your words so feel free my friend. Truly nice to know if my soul words were inspiration for your soul words. And creativity comes from infinite abundance. In every creative share, new sparks of creativity are bound to emerge.
      Keep sharing. Keep flowing.

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  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy From the First Visit Here
    From Over A Year Ago And Every Day Your

    Soul Words Inspire my Soul Words

    Without Fail It’s Nice to Be

    On A Similar Wave

    Length of the

    Colors of Dance

    And Song With Another

    Human Rare Indeed my FRiEnD

    And Much Appreciated Each And Every Soul Day…

    There Is Never A Heavy Feeling Here Only Air Only Spirit Wind Free..:)


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